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  1. PParrot

    Uninitiated kill

    I do not, I'm sorry @Salem
  2. PParrot

    Uninitiated kill

    I'll chime in as I was present at the situation. Video says it all, Arshz ended up killing @Lahoot after getting grabbed by him and tortured. No hostilities were taken on allies of the killed. I communicated the target multiple times prior to the video stating it was Lahoot, confirm the identity as well as double micing the information.
  3. PParrot

    Patch Notes | A2.6

    I look forward to the day we officially change the canned spaghetti name to Spaghettios
  4. PParrot

    What are your ideas to improve BastionRP?

    Perhaps have something that would encourage the players to get on the server and "grind". While this is an arcadey aspect to the server it would help to bring up the player numbers by encouraging people to sit on the server for hours and do whatever task. Additional as @Rajjip said more events would be a great addition. Perhaps look into an "event team" to help design and coordinate events apart from the admins having to do it.
  5. PParrot

    Limit storage per person

    I'm new here, but if this can help to increase the server performance that sounds great. I would suggest perhaps if you reduce the number of allowed containers, perhaps increase the amount of storage each container has to make up for it? Could help to solve the issue without compromising anything. Regardless, +1
  6. Tony Donovan grew up in the United States in 2004, losing his parents in a car crash at the age of 10. Because of this, he grew up on the streets of New Jersey after this while fighting to make his way. At a young age, Tony was not the best citizen and thus had to take advantage of situations he found himself in. He made friends with adults at the age of 11 when he was looking for a new place to work. Luckily for Tony, they took him in as family and taught him how to make it in this city. He learned how to use a gun and fight. Due to all this, he gained extensive knowledge on dealing with law