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  1. I know this post is a bit older now but what about like Flashlights are they considered as contraband ?
  2. Vladimir Sorento

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    Used to be a criminal. Been to Prison
  3. Vladimir Abrehem Sorento, 29 Years old born in Moscow Russia. 195 cm tall and 136 kg. Used to work as a Blacksmith and in construction. Vladimir is bigger than most other men but he is very kind to the people that show him respect. He is not quick to anger and always tries to talk things out if there is a problem. Vladimir grew up poor with his family and has worked hard his whole life to get by. He is used to the cold weather and hard work. Nothing can stop him if he has a goal he wants to reach. He used to work illegally on the side to make some extra money for his family. But when his famil
  4. Vladimir Sorento


    I just got whitelisted and i was wondering if its possible for me to see what i wrote in my application just so i can get it all correct with my Character Creation