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  1. Currently, civilian life is extremely lacking in content, the gameplay loop can easily be divided into two routes, good civ, where you stay within the IC law and try to do your work shifts and basically just hoard money like a greedy dragon, and a criminal life where you get some money, buy rad equipment to get weapons or even just buy weapons outright from dealers, and with those items you proceed to rob from other players or fight against the ISF. I see both of these gameplay loops is extremely lacking, and I believe is one of the larger reasons for the dwindling player population.
  2. himself in a strange language, after a public complain he was detained by the NCC in order to try and identify him. Days were spent questioning him but for all, it seemed he was but a lunatic until fairly recently he somewhat came to his senses and the NCC obtained some answers. According to him, he was born the days the nukes dropped , a fact which was highly unlikely due to the fact he looked like a middle-aged man (an appropriate year was registered as his date of birth), he also claimed he was stuck in a "vault" the full period of time between his supposed birth and the time of his det
  3. Born in the old world Ulysses grew up as the tensions were just starting, raised in this state of constant fear and of instability he joined the day he turned 18 and rushed through Bootcamp in order to apply for service under the NCC, he didn't even have time to settle in before the nukes started dropping, all he was left with was the NCC and as such he took up arms and devoted himself to defending the last few bastions of civilization no matter the cost.
  4. Fragy

    Staff Report: AOGM

    Altho I appreciate Jimyh's intentions, I believe that he is not to blame in this situation as I was the one who suggested the idea of using the fireplaces to make a more stable platform ,however I did not intend to use them as a way to make a staircase up to the exposed box, but regardless I was aware that we were somewhat exploiting game mechanics to achieve a purpose. As such I think I should be the one blamed for the actions that took place, since all the other parties involved were either unaware of the fact that such exploitation would be punishable under the rules of the server o
  5. Fragy


    We got called upon by one of our buddies to help him out with a ongoing raid going on one of his shops , as soon as we got there we saw that it was the ISF performing the raid but shortly after the backed out of the shop and ordered us to disperse. As soon as we turn the corner a large number of officers approached us and ordered us against the wall which we complied. As expected they they confiscated our contraband and asked for our number, After which I was told to back off while they arrased my companions, as soon as I crossed the road Walker was shot, I didn't hear neither a warning t
  6. Fragy Rodriguez was born just before the tensions started and he was but a kid when the nukes dropped, thankfully he was lucky enough to be inside a bastion when it all happened. There he tried to make himself useful and picked up as many skills as he could mostly around the basics of medicine as it was one of the most sought-after skills in the bastion where he grew up, but it was never easy on anyone and with the collapse of the supply lines, things only got tougher inside the bastion and when he became a young adult his parents decided to leave the bastion to try and scavenge some goods i