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  1. Tony Stark

    In the Darkness the Sleeper Dreams..

    Day 05. As I walk towards them I too turn into a small boy and am now part of thier group. I try to play tic tac toe, but I lose a lot... to cover how bad I am, I stance up, and pretend I am really good at it. I keep telling everyone when it is not my turn that I am in fact amazing at tic tac toe, and that my prior losses were me just not trying or caring. The other boys seem to catch on to my shit... this isn't working..
  2. Tony Stark

    Bastion 3.0 Lore Fan Theories!

    Theory 5: The NCC has no built several bastions in close proximity, and they are rivals. You choose which one to live in.
  3. Tony Stark

    Bastion 3.0 Lore Fan Theories!

    You might be on to something here..
  4. Tony Stark

    In the Darkness the Sleeper Dreams..

    Day 04. "This is the proving grounds" .. "before I can let you go back to a wakeful state.. you must go through a series of trials... should you pass.. you will awaken as your true form.... if you fail.. you willl go back to the darkness... train carefully"! "Okay" I say nervously... "whats the first test?." The hooded man raises a finger and points ahead of us.. "your first trial?.... Humility..." I look to where he is pointed, a group of small boys gather around a tic tac toe board and are cheering each other... I gulp down my nervousness... and walk towards them.
  5. Tony Stark

    Bastion 3.0 Lore Fan Theories!

    Theory 4: The inhabitants that remain of the NCC are now put into a large Zoo enclosure, with radiation being raised and lowered by the masters of some sick hunger games like event. Survivors now how to survive against random attacks of animals, and zombies as the try to escape the Zoo Maze!
  6. Tony Stark

    In the Darkness the Sleeper Dreams..

    Day 03. Now fully in the light, a shadowed man in a hood calls me " Ms. Smith.. welcome to the proving grounds.. we are very happy you could make it through the tunnel. You were in there a very long time!" .. I gaze at him blinking. "how long was I out?" I ask. "You were unconcious for the better part of a year my dear.. but you made it through, and life is slowly coming back to you." he replied. "oh.." I say.. unsure of whats comming next. "What is this place?"
  7. Tony Stark

    Bastion 3.0 Lore Fan Theories!

    Theory 3: Instead of humans we are mutated by the radiaton levels and now are deformed. part of character customization is picking your nasty burns and scars, maybe a third eye. we now play as roaming nomadic tribes and whos main enemy is the zombies now, and not the NCC.
  8. Tony Stark

    In the Darkness the Sleeper Dreams..

    Day 02. Li... light... I see light! I slowly walk towards it in my dream.. a voice calls out something I cannot quite catch "Ruh .... Ruh.." Ruh? what is ruh? It continues "Ruay- Ray... Ray.." Ray? ... is it saying my name? It is! finally some anwers I listen closely to hear my name.. but its muddy.. and I cant quite fully hear the voice.. "Ray...l...Smith... Ray..ll..Smith" Rayl Smith? .. it must be.. I know who I am now.. Rayl.. Rayl.. a strange name.. is a strange place.. and I fully embrace the light of my dream, I cry out "I AM RAYL SMITH!"
  9. Tony Stark

    Bastion 3.0 Lore Fan Theories!

    Theory 2: The city is collapsed, and in ruins, you now live outside in tribes, in teepees and small houses. Getting into the city is dangerous, and now the city is the place to find all high valuable loot. The Radiation no longer exists, and there are dangerous roaming NPC fighter gangs that'll kos you.
  10. Tony Stark

    Bastion 3.0 Lore Fan Theories!

    OO I like this one
  11. Tony Stark

    In the Darkness the Sleeper Dreams..

    Dear Diary, Day 01. Its dark and cold outside.. the ground beneath my feet I cannot see! I shiver.. blackness is everywhere and all I can think about is the anticipation of waking up.... I know this is a dream... will I wake? Some one pinch me... this darkness is too much.. I .. I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel... I walk towards it...
  12. Tony Stark

    Bastion 3.0 Lore Fan Theories!

    Theory: The radiation has lifted, and in its place a new virus has mutated the animals and zombies of the world, these super beasts live outside the city, and the rarest drops come from the animals, so the science team can study them!
  13. Tony Stark

    Bastion 3.0 Lore Fan Theories!

    So its back! Bastion 3.0 is in the works and the gears are turning. No one publicly knows what the lore is going to focus around this time, so lets post what we think the staff team will come up with before the launch! The person whos lore/release idea comes the closest wins the thread! Rules: Try to keep theories plausible Only post one theory a day No one directly involved in the writing or know-how of the lore can post a theory Winner gets: 50$ in Bastion Credit!
  14. Tony Stark

    Music Thread

    My vibe
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    Avengers assemble!

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