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  1. Moth

    Being creative using the cassette players

    I agree sounds cool
  2. Moth

    Need compensation

    Discord Nameh: CannibalMoth(Baptist) #8126 Location: Industrial area near docks and slums Time and date of the event: oct 13th around 3/4am Evidence before: I have a video of me with the back pack right before Evidence after: I have the evidence video of me falling off the ladder by the glitch Details of what was lost and what happened: I can send any admin the video over a message in discord Lost my jakari 64 slot bag and water pot due to a ladder glitch everything else I had I can replace easy I have footage of the event
  3. Moth

    Being creative using the cassette players

    I would love to see a modded Cassette taps for the player in the future but instead of real world songs maybe we can get really community oriented and have people in the community do cover songs and have store ads on the tapes just a suggestion I’ve seen it done on day z underground so figure I’d throw it out
  4. Moth

    Loading Screen Snippets Contest [ENTER HERE]

    Game: rumor is if you put enough cooked food into your shirt and pants you can swim just fine.. go on have a nice toasty swim in the subarctic conditions at your own risk. Lore: Don't remember what your eye's see, don't listen to what your ear's hear" - Slums Civilian.
  5. Moth

    Smoking cigs and vehicle talks

    lol small you say.....
  6. Moth

    Loud speaker pa instead of admin messages

    When the server turns to code red or whatever it should be played repeated on a loud speaker PA system instead of on admin message as I turn off all those when I play for immersion
  7. Moth

    Smoking cigs and vehicle talks

    I doubt a few cars and one heli would impact the server near what all the gun spawns and junk clothing etc spawns do vehicles do little to a server unless your putting over 20 of them on and 3 or 4 cars one helicopter you wouldn’t notice a thing
  8. Moth

    Smoking cigs and vehicle talks

    Add in smokeable cigs and the cigarette packs zippo lighters that can be refueled as well as maybe a few cars on the outside of the city and maybe even an isf helicopter that would be sick then they could use it to patrol the outside and make quick haste back to the city if anyone is attacking them just a few thoughts
  9. See ya in game