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  1. Aron73

    Items That Are Contraband in BKG-023

    Because Aion tasts like shit Give me a good stake from any animal (excluding human) and Ill be happy
  2. Mikael Hansson is a pretty regular person with an interest in weapons and hunting. He was born in Gävle, and his mother's name was Anna Hansson and father, Thomas Hansson. He also had had a younger sister named Victoria. He met his wife Nora, who was an exchange student at the time and eventually moved over to the US, and shortly after, at the age of 23, he got his Semi driver's license. He had a good life there for about ten years before deciding to move back to Sweden after Nora's parents died in a car accident. At this time, Mikael is all alone since his wife died shortly after his truc
  3. Aron73

    Where is everyone?

    Ill remember that, but for now I dont think I have any questions
  4. Aron73

    Where is everyone?

    Keep up the good work! I'm sure it will be awesome in the end
  5. Aron73

    Where is everyone?

    Hi all! It feels like this forum is dying and I truly hope not, but it seems like this forum have gone really quiet the last couple of weeks
  6. Aron73

    Real life picture Thread

    No this is how a liar looks like
  7. Aron73

    Real life picture Thread

    Agreed! The plane shakes so badly it unfocuses the camera
  8. Aron73

    What's going on

    Wellcome Dinky! Looking forward to rp with you on server launch
  9. Aron73

    Howdy pilgrim.

    Wellcome Zero!
  10. Aron73


    Thank you all!
  11. Aron73

    Roast the person above you

    I would kill the barber if he gave me a hair cut like that on your avatar
  12. Aron73

    What's up!

    Wellcome! I'm looking forward to play with ya
  13. Aron73


    Happy birthday @marvolo
  14. Aron73

    Realistic VOIP

    I'm a scout on another RP server and I dont know how manny times I got info from people that beleve they are safe from prying ears like my
  15. Aron73

    We need a brick as a melee weapon.

    Indeed your right there. I have knocked out both players and Infected with 1 hit with a can of beans and 2 hits with a can of sardines