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  1. AlexDerange

    Comp Request Alex Derange

    Discord Name: AlexDerange#0001 Location: The bank at the Square Time and date of the event: 10/15 minutes ago Evidence before: in the same video Evidence after: Details of what was lost and what happened: I put credits in the bank, i was supposed to be class C but i was still class F at this time but did not know, so i add 181 credits to my account, but then, since the game thinks i'm a class F, i'm limited to 250, so 155 goes to overflow, and i would like to get it back please ^^'
  2. AlexDerange

    Food mod

    After a quick look in the workshop, i've seen a mod for foods : This would allow for more foods than vegetabes, meat, and aion
  3. AlexDerange

    Buff Charcoal tablets

  4. AlexDerange

    Outlaw external VOIP

    an easier way to enforce it would be "no external comm unless you have a radio on you" That way, if they say "well i said double mic it" and they have no radio on them, it's a punishment anyway, you shouldn't be able to use a radio with no radio on you
  5. AlexDerange

    Comp Request (1 m4 mag (60) with 10/20 bullets ; a geiger counter)

    yes, i unloaded everything, and it was nowhere..
  6. AlexDerange

    Comp Request (1 m4 mag (60) with 10/20 bullets ; a geiger counter)

    Discord Name: AlexDerange Location: My little house in the slums Time and date of the event: 30/09/2020 ~10:30 am (UTC +2 Paris) Evidence before: i don't have any, just the teddy bear disappearing :/ Evidence after: Details of what was lost and what happened: 1 m4 mag that holds 60 rounds, with a few bullets inside that disappeared because for some reason weapons get unloaded when you disconnect, and a geiger counter that was inside the pink teddy bear (it was inside to hide it in case of raid or theft) that disappeared when i tried to m
  7. AlexDerange

    AlexDerange Compensation Request

    Discord Name: AlexDerange#0001 Location IG: The school building near the slums, with the pile of bodys Time and Date of occurrence: Around 3 AM (UTC+2) today Evidence Before: me picking up the bag : Evidence After: realising the bag is not in my hands anymore : Details of what was lost and what happened: Found a backpack half in a wall, looked inside, saw some loot i think is contraband, so i take to see the first patrol, but before i can get out of the school zone, the bag disapears, wit
  8. AlexDerange

    Make the wasteland threatening: Zombie Modding

    +10000 The outside is supposed to be something extremely hard, where you can survive only with a group well prepared and well armed. Not some walk in the forest where, sometimes, you see a zombie, and headshot him with your silenced gun. Food should be hard to come-by, supplies as well, and every thing should be hard outside ! (don't like living in hell ? stay in the safety of the bastion) it's been years since WWIII, there is no way everything isn't looted, or dead, or whatever. To make it shorter : the outside should be almost impossible to live in, unless you
  9. Born in France, Alex grew up with a "survivalist" father who always feared a coming war (even built a bunker for it) and a caring mother. He always was skilled with his hands, building small cabins in the woods with his friends. When the bombs and the 3rd WW came, they hid in a bunker under their garden for so many years he had lost count of it. But then, some day, his parents never returned from a supply run (they did so many, at first he didn't worry about their delay, but as a month passed, he realised something was very wrong). Realising he had to leave the bunker to survive, or die from h