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  1. Solis

    Increase Respawn Timer

    I strongly disagree with this. I do not want to be forced to roleplay as a 'proper' civilian, which is what this would force. If I want to become a drug dealer and risk losing a ton of civilian points, that should have IC consequences and not result in me having to wait longer to play if I were to die. Dealing with rulebreakers must be done in an OOC fashion.
  2. Solis

    Increase Respawn Timer

    I do not have the opportunity to play for long periods of time, usually no more than 2 hours. If I died while I was able to play, then I would lose 1/4 of my total play time. I understand this this is specific to me but perhaps there are others with similar situations. I personally think 5 minutes is long enough but would be willing to settle for 10.
  3. Solis

    Remove ADS stamina drain

    I'm personally of the opinion that combat having these little annoyances is overall beneficial to people not getting immediately killed in situations. As such, I do not think it should be changed.
  4. Solis

    RP items

    The more roleplay the better, +1
  5. Solis

    Wipe the server

    It's alright, apart from that one situation I had a pretty great time :)
  6. Peaches

    • Peaches
    • Solis

    Sorry about your "first" day buddy, it's usually not so chaotic...if anything today was fucking bananas.A wipe is most definetly needed, but it was rediculous wipe or not.  Hope the server treats you better tomorrow, I imagine it will be a bit more manageable! :)

    1. Solis


      Thank you for the kind words Peaches but I'm not worried about it just yet, I'm confident today was crazy like you said. After playing so much RP, I understand that there are just nutty days - looking forward to playing more tomorrow :)

  7. Today was the first day I seriously played on Bastion. I generally had a great time but the amount of shooting in the city was atrocious. It makes the ISF on edge with everyone and seriously hampered the RP experience. I was RDMed by an ISF officer and while feeling annoyed, I was sympathetic as for why he killed me. I have played a large amount of RP servers on DayZ and Arma2/3 and I have never felt sympathetic for a person who has RDMed me. This ISF officer grossly RDMed me too and I am still sympathetic. That being said, a wipe should happen once gear is harder to obtained even if another w
  8. Solis

    RDM by ISF

    POV: My friend Cory and I were walking up a street trying to decide what to do when he spotted a man getting arrested. I had recently been whacked a few times by a man with a stun baton and I wanted to inform the ISF of that to maybe get some citizen points. While I was telling an ISF that, some man showed up and sprayed him down. I was surprised at what happened and retreated. While retreating I was immediately shot at and then told to put my hands up. I went prone to show that I was not a threat and attempted to put my hands up but was shot unconscious before I could do so. I was then
  9. Jester

    • Jester
    • Solis

    hello friend

  10. Lao Ping is a descendant of a Chinese family that migrated to Russia's vast east territories. There were exceedingly large opportunities for advancement in Russia's far east in comparison to rural China, so it was considered a no-brainer by Pings parents. Pings parents were able to find a comfortable Chinese community and had some success in their business endeavors. Pings parents were able to send Ping and his two brothers to the United States to pursue and American education as it was seen as a more welcoming environment in addition to being more prestigious. Ping received his masters degree