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    im so confused with this

  • Cory

    Bastion 3.0 Lore Fan Theories!

    Wait how'd you know
  • Cory

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

    Wait, hello? Is this thing on?
  • Cory


    My favorite part about Bastion was honestly being reunited w/ my old pals, definitely a good experience overall, thanks everyone. 

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      Patrick Bateman

      love you sir

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      ily too sir

    4. WeeMan


      Tbh the reason i loved bastion was due to you didnt have to kiss ass to be staff they accepted you if they seen the potential, leads and admins were the goats ♥️


  • Cory

    CoCo's Senseless Killing.

    Calling @Scott Smithy and @Steven Chilton for their POV.
  • Cory

    Invalid Kill

    I was really annoyed last night after my multiple interactions w/ this guy. While I did initiate on you and that gave you kill rights, when you have a situation under control you're supposed to prioritize roleplay over just killing someone. Could have taken me hostage or given me a proper execution style send-off, could have forced me to stay there until ISF showed up, etc, etc. If you re-watch the video I was being hostile and throwing threats at you, but was kind of clear when I stop and crouch and cough and say "Shit my smoker lungs getting to me" that I'm looking to roleplay, not just Pv
  • Cory

    Invalid Kill

    I was spitting on the grave while saying "Fuck the NCC and their fallen", I guess you didn't hear that part, I didn't even know you were there as I was just RPing casually w/ Jay Dennis at that point. When confronting you, I did pull a knife on you for getting all up in my business about spitting on the graves, but it was merely just that. Keep in mind I was playing a thuggish criminal character, not sure how you could consider hostile interactions trollish. Also not really sure how me picking on someone ICly is considered trollish, might want to touch up on the rules there. If anything
  • Cory

    Invalid Kill

    Location: Road next to Town Square Time and date of the event: 11/12/2040 23:30 GMT In-game name and allies involved: @Jayy Dennis Name of suspect(s): N/A Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Detailed description of the events: The video shows everything that happened. I'm mainly just concerned why I was killed w/o any roleplay provided while the accused had control of the situation. I crouched to take a breath due to my characters "smoker lungs" and this kind of made it pretty clear I wasn't a direct threat to his life at this point, I can understand being
  • Cory

    Failed Robberies Thread!

    Tryna run up on Tyson M. D. Brickfeller like that thou...
  • Cory

    Howdy, New Here!

    Welcome to the community!
  • Cory

    Patch Notes | A2.6

    Glory to the NCC
  • Cory

    RP Shoutouts

    @Wong @Jayy Dennis @Snokone1234 @VIPMrBlack Definitely a fun little Friday night, enjoyed smoking w/ Amelia and then getting busted by the po-po.
  • Cory

    Alcohol effect

    I think this is something that is a WIP already to be honest, but if not then I definitely +1 the idea.
  • Cory

    Patch Notes | A2.4

    This is amazing
  • Cory

    Heyy guys new here

    Welcome! Yes, you can join here.