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  1. Cory

    What type of content would you like to see?

    I'd much rather watch notable moments , funny moments, fails, etc than watch full story line videos. The only guy I remember who made VERY good long videos of RP was Roach, should check him out for reference.
  2. Cory

    Hello all !!!!

    Welcome and good luck through your white listing process. Hope you have a great time!
  3. Cory

    Well hello there.

    Good look on your white listing process and enjoy the community!
  4. Cory


    Hello there!
  5. Cory

    KWR 09/23/2020

    Cory's POV: I encountered Whip earlier in the slums while he was wearing an incognito outfit due to being shot at previously by the ISF. I role played with him casually for a second and then we split for a bit. I then later see him again in the slums, back in his normal outfit. We begin to casually roleplay at the bus arch entrance of the slums, really just talking about what he was up to and how business was going, I let him know the supply they gave to me was great, etc. A few ISF officers pop up on the roof of the apartments next to the slums and a few seconds later snipe Whip. He is first
  6. Cory

    Has the Server Become Report Happy?

    New community, new players, lots of rule breaking... Unfortunately, because the community is so new and there was a lot of players new to role play accepted in pretty easily, it's bound to lead to a lot of reports because of rule breaking. I do think there is better methods to solve issues though, things like meta-gaming, talking OOC, smaller events like that can be fixed with mentor programs, better guides, harder white list process, etc. TLDR: I think a harder white list process would help, I think a mentor program would help, better guides would help. Just my opinion, but s
  7. Cory

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    Congrats on Orange! 

    1. Clumsy


      Thank You :)

    2. DevilBlade


      Movin up in the colors ayyy <3

    3. Neo



  8. Cory

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    Congrats on Orange!

    1. Panic


      Thanks! Kind of you to notice.


  9. Cory

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    Congrats my man! 

    1. Undead


      Fedora Tip GIFs | Tenor

    2. Cory


      Ayyy you remembered <3  *Tips Fedora* 💀

    3. Undead


      If didn't delete itself I would link the video of me shooting that guy out who decided to rob you at the bus station man. Could never forget my fedora friends. 

  10. Cory


    Welcome to the community, hope you have a good time!
  11. Cory

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the community and good luck on your white list process. I recommend reading the rules very carefully and maybe even checking out some guides. Hope you have a good time.
  12. Cory

    Filter not full

    Hey man, part of the risk of buying from a black market dealer is they might not give you a full filter! This game feature is on purpose. You can receive a used filter, but nothing below 50%.
  13. Cory

    Patch Notes | 20.9.18

    New overlay looked very clean and crisp, sleeping animation when logging out now is very well done, and the mag/bullet fixes are very much appreciated, great job guys.
  14. Cory


    Welcome , hope you have a great time!
  15. Cory

    Hey everyone.

    Welcome to the community and good luck on your white listing process. Since this will be your first serious role play server I'd recommend just reading the rules very carefully and maybe even checking out some guides! Hope you have a great time.