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  1. Bob Sherlock

    workbench suggestions

    +1,,Also if head torches could be broken down as well
  2. Bob Sherlock

    Unfair play ?

    @Kaben @Monkey Spanners @Kestrel @Nothing im not looking for to get you's into trouble or hold anything against you's and i hav been playing it out in character , but when i told someone in game with alot more knowledge about the rules than me (im relatively new to RP) they strongly suggested that i make a report about it here so admins or whoever can look over what happened and maybe implement something for in the future
  3. Bob Sherlock

    Unfair play ?

    Location: Our shop - Storage Solutions and furniture in the town square Time and date of the event: aroung 3 pm GMT In-game name and allies involved: none i was alone when it happened Name of suspect(s): unknown Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Detailed description of the events: I was in our shop when two ISF officers approached and said they needed to carry out a routine inspection , so being the law abiding citizen i am i opened up and let them in , they then put me in hand cuffs for their safety and said they were taking the bench , it was th
  4. Bob Sherlock

    Outlaw external VOIP

    I thought this was already a rule for inside the Bastion as me and my friends only use discord for the 'outside radio' when going beyond the walls , is it possible to have a radio that doesn't require batteries? It might encourage people to use them in game, and yeh removing the muffling effects while using masks as well. I think it could only add to the roleplay , it may be hard to enforce but having it as a rule will make more people do it I think
  5. Bob Sherlock

    Property Problems

    @Robert Jones D.E.A thanks man and no hard feelings, we're an honest group of hard working ppl and try to help most players, I'm glad we got this sorted out and maybe we can talk in game about getting some of our stuff back, looking forward to seeing you
  6. Bob Sherlock

    Property Problems

    @Derp @nathaniel @Dogmeat thanks for coming in doing whats right and clearing our good names , the bastion needs more good peple like you's
  7. Bob Sherlock

    Property Problems

    You're accusing us of stealing stuff which we haven't taken without any evidence other than we were in the area and none of us are logged off inside that building so something else is going on but it doesn't involve us , after talking to you we all went to the soup kitchen and got food, me and my friends were planning to go outside so we went about gathering the nessary supplies over the next hour or so then waited for the 11pm gmt restart and went outside, we were outside for óver 3 hrs and didn't make it back to the Bastion that night, admins can check the logs for that. Ps. We also ha
  8. Bob Sherlock

    Property Problems

    Meself, tee Morgan and stavrus the Greek HAD access to this building but obviously not anymore, I don't know why he's blaming us on stealing how are we supposed to get in and take stuff?
  9. Bob Sherlock

    Property Problems

    Yes we did hold a lease on this building but I haven't been back in the building since or taken anything from there
  10. Bob Sherlock

    Smoking cigs and vehicle talks

    Add just one bus for outside tours
  11. Bob Sherlock

    How's everyone doing?

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to see what's gonna happen on the server as it just gets more interesting every day
  12. Bob Sherlock

    How's everyone doing?

    Hi all, I'm Kev I've been playing on the server for a week now and it's been one of my best gaming experiences to date, I only built my Pc last week so I'm new to keyboard n mouse, Pc gaming and role-playing altogether but I'm loving it so far thanks to you lovely people, keep up the good work thanks
  13. Born to God fearing parents i grew up on the family farm where life was good , i was a good kid and never really got into much trouble i finished school and skipped college to work on the family farm my Father had been crippled with back pain so i had to take up the slack on the farm it was hard work but very rewarding . I met my girlfriend Marie when i was 20 at the local pub and quickly fell in love , she was a typical carefree Irish girl she didnt care if i wasnt rich or handsome and she loved me, we were saving for our wedding (she was pregnant) when i had to go abroad to Germany on
  14. Thank you
  15. Bob Sherlock

    Posted my whitelist but got 404 code

    This also happened me today, do u know if my application was received? Thanks