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  1. Dodgy Greek guy


    the only day i had binos i did talk to you and you just asked about some shots you heard i never said anything like scanning the slams or about snitches to you , i may be old but my memory is still solid as for the sam chronic dude...insulting me in a personal level for the fact that english is not my native language instead of trying to communicate exchange culture and ideas is down right racist and reveals that is you that needs to read a book or two.
  2. Dodgy Greek guy


    i didn't say shit mate i understand you need to stick to your story most probably you think you can get away by just being the forum squeezer , or very well established within the community !!!! you have not treated me fairly and i didn't report you then because i thought its part of the fun but accusing me for shit like that its unacceptable....As for my points its not for you its for the stuff nobody asked you for your opinion.
  3. Dodgy Greek guy


    i guess i shouldn't remember because i died ?? there isn't any other logical explanation here ..ok i didn't get that down right... there is no argument here excuse me mister Winston for whatever you accusing me of ........ even though it seems a bit pity to me i guess demonstrating your skills in plotting wasn't enough for you. Let me know what needs to be done i am cool... ps 1.for the shake of the argument how do you know what i said or not if there wasn't from a stream i was talking in private was there someone of the accusers? (3.6 - You may not metagame - that is, use inf
  4. Dodgy Greek guy


    Hello my name is Stavros theGreek i dont fully get what is going on here i did go up there for a meeting with the Winston character accusing me of saying things i havent .. and then they had me under gunpoint to jump the rooftoop they even punched me a couple of times to help my descent. I didnt go down and i did pull a stone knife before they shot me multiple times.. i did ask for information in winston character when it seemed right for me..but i dont understunt what iam being accused of.. thanks