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    We Got Him GIF

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    Player Report

    @Jimmy yes
  3. AidanVC

    Player Report

    AidanVC: Received a Tip on Jason Kile's location. DART was deployed, Myself and @xanax rushed down the stairs, he yelled show me your hands three times as Jason raised his gun and aimed it at us. He then got outplayed with a shotgun.
  4. Malachi Fallon was born in San Francisco California on August 14 2010. When all out war broke out, Malachi Fallon was thrust into Chaos. It soon became eerily quiet, and for a long time, Malachi was alone. The American government never came to save them, like he thought they would. Instead, rose the NCC, and Malachi was quickly swept into their region of control. Wanting to do the right thing in looking to rebuild the world, Malachi found work as an ISF Trooper, defending Bastions across the NCC's control. After the CLA uprising in BKG-023, Trooper Fallon was transferred there to help regain c
  5. AidanVC

    Remove Custom Sway

    I know this is a touchy subject - I just plead you hear me out here. The custom sway, in a perfect world is really cool. A lot of us have kind of gotten used to it - some haven't. But I don't think there's a single time that anyone hasn't been overall just annoyed by it and how much more fun things could be without it. I understand it's purpose, its just so dramatic. Every gun, moves like it weighs 40 pounds. On one hand there's the "untrained civilians" argument as to why the guns would behave that way, but on the other even trained professionals like isf cant aim down sights for more
  6. AidanVC

    RP Shoutouts

    @NikoRP @ZorullRP @Derp @Dogmeat @Stes @Evil Morty wouldn’t have rather gone out with anyone else. RIP Trooper Dean Sullivan. Thanks for the RP boys.
  7. AidanVC

    Decrease the aggresiveness of the sway

    Big +1
  8. My suggestion for the future is to not announce wipes as early as it was announced this time. I understand there was kind of special circumstances surrounding the announcement but as soon as it got out that there was a wipe coming it feels like the pop of the server and overall drive to do anything other than build points as a civ really fell off. in the future, wipes should be announced much closer to the actual date of the wipe to avoid these circumstances next time.
  9. AidanVC

    Execution of a compliant hostage/ Kinda powergaming?

    POV: George Balto i was the African American man that fit the description they were talking to with Dany/Justin during said “peace talks” it was not peace talks. Basically when I’ve been going to the slums lately I have @Mulacover me with a sniper rifle so that I can stay safe and conduct business there without getting jumped. We also use this to conduct robberies. two individuals were stalking the hell out of me and obviously trying to bait me into their territory so they could kill me, pretending like they wanted to conduct business and stuff and all around bein
  10. AidanVC


    Yeah - no idea why the saiga dude went ham on anyone - he shot me before he even knew i was with Mula too
  11. AidanVC


    Hello sir you have gotten quite confused on what happened whilst you were unconcscious, please allow me to clarify. george Balto POV: My boy initiates on the dude in the blue backpack/Saiga, he runs, and knocks Mula uncon. He also shoots me several times as I try and run away. during this time, the OP holds up Mula when he wakes up from being uncon, and my other two friends @Justinj5277and @IotaSilverare in the area trying to help Mula. while the OP is robbing Mula, Mula fights back stunning him, before the blue backpack guy comes back with a Saiga spraying
  12. AidanVC

    Allow ISF to patrol slums

    Currently the rp on the server for ISF is extremely monkey. In my experience - everyone on the server is in the slums, and the majority of crime is committed by someone who immediately zooms into the slums to avoid capture and then doesn’t leave again. If there’s a real good reason as to why we can’t enter it I’m not really sure about it. I understand that it is supposed to be a dangerous place for ISF to go - so maybe make the standard patrol there 3-4 rather than 2 ? I just really don’t think that the current no patrol there and basically all crime is legal zone is healthy for the
  13. AidanVC

    Killed without initiation

    Me and the OP @jimyh have worked this out over discord. He misunderstood the situation and we both talked it out with one another. With staff approval and @jimyh confirmation we would like this report closed. thank you!
  14. AidanVC

    Killed without initiation

    Ok - very long reply here so bear with me. All started when Toss initiated on a dude in Town square. Im unsure of who from this report that it was, but it would be one of the first people toss struck. After the victim runs away, a dude in a leather jacket with a red shemagh and sunglasses chops toss with a hatchet, I break off from the initial chase and chase this guy slicing him with a machete, before chasing him all the way to his house (The blue clinic) where he locks himself inside. I meet back with Toss near the train station which is where the oncoming massacre ensues, I'll do my b
  15. AidanVC


    George Balto POV: Me and a large group of us are harassing a nicely dressed man for flexing that he is B class to a group of poor citizens like us. We repeatedly insult him and throw shoes at him and stuff. He pulls a gun on Toss and I remove a shovel from my bag - I walk up behind him as toss distracts him and strike him over the head with a shovel and knock him uncon before killing him. He was heavily outnumbered and wasn't paying attention to his surroundings - and pulled a pistol on a mob and shouted "I'm B class I'll shoot you in the face!" etc. His initiation on a mob was not smart and h