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  1. Covert


    Really blessed not to have gout. Thank the lord above  🙏

    1. Tony Stark

      Tony Stark

      It ain't too bad if you eat healthy. It's only when you slack off and eat something realllly sugary. Then you've done fucked up.

    2. Whip


      take that hammer of yours and give it a smack just to be super sure.  gout is sneaky and i know you like those sugary weeb candies


  2. Joe

    • Joe
    • Covert

    Thanks for keeping my seat warm, ill take it from here 

    1. Covert


      Good luck kid

    2. Joe


      yeah you are

  3. Covert

    Hey yall

    yeah welcome bud
  4. Covert


    oh boy

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    2. Wong



    3. OGLevent


      What did I miss :O 

    4. Jeremy


      kinda cringe ngl fuck marvel guess its time to go back to cwrp kalbuir

      see u in rancor bunks

  5. Covert


    Welcome to Bastion Cory, you wont find much of the old “drop weps 10 secs” here thankfully.
  6. Covert

    Hola muchachos

    Welcome to Bastion sir, I hope you enjoy your time here!
  7. Covert

    KOed whilst spawning

    Kaben has requested that this report be closed and we will be honoring that request, though we will also be issuing a warning to the accused. This community is one founded on an RP first mentality. There were avenues open to you that did not involve direct physical violence, and while it was your belief that the OP was afk, this turned out not to be the case. In future, we strongly encourage you to try and RP your way out of any scenario you find yourself in. Verdict: @Nev |Unfair Play| Verbal Warning Signed: @Covert @Undead
  8. Covert

    Ban appeal Josh Dicky

    Hello Josh Dicky, You were banned due to your failure to post a POV in a report you were called into. The POV given in this appeal, as well as the lack of any concrete evidence on the part of the accuser leads us to believe the eventual verdict of the report would have been Word V. Word. With that in mind, we have come to the decision to unban you from the server, with the firm reminder that it is your duty as a member of this community to respond to any and all reports that you may be called into. Appeal Accepted Signed: @Covert @Hex
  9. Covert

    Ban Appeal.

    Hello Dirty Dog Devin, The ban in question has already been appealed by yourself once, an appeal which we denied. It is the standard procedure of this staff team that every community is allowed one and only one appeal per ban. With that being said, this appeal will be closed. Appeal Denied. Signed: @Covert @Hex
  10. Covert

    Rate the profile above you

    No one wants your buttstocks. 3/10
  11. Covert

    Rate The Song Above You

    Man havent listened to 5FDP in ages, 9/10.
  12. Covert


  13. Covert

    Real life picture Thread

    buy the hat
  14. Covert

    • Covert
    • Rat

    Decidedly unbased of you 

  15. Covert

    Rate The Song Above You

    8/10 big fan of that there ballad