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  1. Andicius

    A Glimmer of Hope

    "In your name I pray, Amen," finished Bible John as he got up from his knees. Although it was forbidden to practice religion in the Bastions, John did practice in secret. He walked over to his footlocker and chose out his clothes for the day, brown hunter jacket, black cargo pants, black cowboy hat, black boots and a backpack. With him he carried his daughter's teddy bear, which had a note written by her saying I love you dad. And so began a day like many others, some hustling in the slums, and a walk around the Bastion. Korolgrad was notorious for its black market where one could purchase nea
  2. People call me Bible John, but my true name is John Taylor. I grew up in a small town just outside Indianapolis, Indiana. Times were great in the midwest, times were easy. I grew up working on a ranch, before I was eighteen, the owner made me the foreman. Although the job was tough, life was good. I got married in June 2017. My wife, Ana, she was loyal, and honorable. We didnt know what the future had in store for us, so after we got married, we left Indiana and moved to New Hampshire. After a few years of living there, the Last War kicked off. During this war, Ana was killed, and I was left i
  3. I was born in Brooklyn, New York, long before the last war. I grew up in an Italian family. My cousins, Tony, Donny, Mario and Garbonzo grew up together watching our parents partake in the family business. You could say that it wasn’t a completely legal business, but it put food on the table, lots of food, if you catch my drift. Before the Last War, my cousins and I just began taking over the family business, my uncle was ready to retire. Once he retired, he moved back to Italy to enjoy his home country, while myself, tony and Donny began putting plans in motion for the business. Our business