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  1. Jason Karth was born in Alabama on a farm with his father and mother. Growing up he had a pretty simple life, he worked for his father on the farm taking care of the chores and business Jasons father fought in Korean war and taught Jason how to shoot at a young age. Growing up listening to his father's war stories Jason always had bigger dreams than working on his fathers farm. He wanted to to be a man like his father was. Jason was always taught to not trust the United States Government, and therefore he didn't want to join the military and fight in Syria. After news broke out that Syria was in civil war Jason decided he was going to go over there and fight. While doing his research he realized he didn't want to join either side of the war because to him it wasn't his business. He decided that he would go over and be a gun for hire, he got to follow in his fathers footsteps and also make a living doing it on his own without a government telling him what to do. Upon arriving Jason met some another merc called Sam Scar that were also interested in what he was doing. Sydney and the men began taking contracts from both sides of the war killing key members that were not on the front lines. Now that the war is over different Russian militias have been hiring Jason to spy and kill for them.
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