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  1. Tea Baggins

    Killed and robbed

    As I say when I asked in discord is it as to go back they said yes. I went to the slums, someone came up to me and said someone is in your house Morgan I opened the door with the worker as explained and he was there holding a glock in my house I thought I had every right to shoot him if it’s someone in my house ? if your asking how I got the saiga when the guy said someone was in my house I went to my other place and grabbed it because I didn’t know who it was inside
  2. Tea Baggins

    Killed and robbed

    I went back to the slums as I thought I was aloud to return home after a hospital trip, I also thought as the way they had killed me was totally unfair perhaps the rules didn’t apply because I shouldn’t have been killed in the first place... I then asked in discord can I return I was told no and left straight away I didn’t see or initiate anything again until I asked again in discord and said it had been 40 minuets can I do something now, they said yes I went back to the slums and someone actually came up to me and said someone is saying help inside your shac I said oh I will get some help in
  3. Tea Baggins

    Killed and robbed

    Location: slums on the main strip Time and date of the event: 17/09/2020 - 12:10pm GMT In-game name and allies involved: my self tee morgan, i couldnt tell you other names Name of suspect(s): couldnt say Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: no video Detailed description of the events: it wasnt long of me logging on, i had a quick run around and i seen a guy he said hello, i said hello back to him upon talking to the guy someone started stabbing me from behind i was trying to run away but had abit of weight on me they chased me in to my home and killed me, i believe th
  4. Tea Baggins


    Location: near the slums vender/bank Time and date of the event: 9/16/2020 14:42:GMT In-game name and allies involved: Name of suspect(s): i asked the name he wouldnt say Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: i dont have a video unfortunaley its something im trying to figure out. i dont have an nvidia card Detailed description of the events: Basically i woke up and seen a guy carrying things who i had never seen before in the area he was, i watched him carry the items to the sheds at behind the 2 warehouses in the slums. i then ran around to the house which he was st
  5. Tea Baggins

    Don't make the outside ENTIRELY inhospitable

    +1 brilliant write up
  6. Tea Baggins

    an idea for cannabis use and growth to aid RP and gameplay

    +1 to both suggestions
  7. Tea Baggins

    Patch Notes | 20.9.11

    Good job
  8. Tea Baggins

    Base raid with possible glitching.

    I seen this and tried to stop a man at 4:14pm gmt (England time) I’m sure there was a man inside Handing things out the back window to another player who was moving the bits. I gave chase but he got away I couldn’t tell you any player names involved. I then seen the man inside I yelled at him and then he shot himself. I was intrigued to know how they got inside so I got on the roof and tried to see if there was an entrance, the only possible Entrance I could see was one of the sky lights. If I can help any more please let me know thanks
  9. Tea Baggins

    Mentor Program

    I struggle to put the rules in to Practice, sometimes i find myself holding back from situations or opportunity’s as I’m unsure of the rules Being put in to practice but also I feel I need a helping hand with my role play and would also like to make some friends as I am new rp and play alone. I think this would be a good idea
  10. Tea Baggins

    Items disappeared?

    Any way to get them back? Thanks
  11. Tea Baggins

    Items disappeared?

    honestly its nit possible my locker is in a very safe place and i am the only one able to get inside my building i dont share, also in my locker my useful items persay are still there thanks jad i wish i knew this as ive lost a fair few things now :(
  12. Tea Baggins

    Items disappeared?

    I placed some clothing hanging up in my locker a jacket, vest and a backpack they was all full of items. I’ve came back to my locker and the clothes are there but the items are gone? Is this a bug or is this what happens with clothing in lockers nothing can be stored in them for a period of time? thanks
  13. Tea Baggins

    Removal of the map markers mod

    I think there is a need for the map especially for those who are new. It’s handy to be able to look at the map and get a sense of direction. I agree we shouldn’t have markers but have a map to figure out where we are and work out where we need to go from following the map. For those players looking to go outside the bastion for the first time getting around and getting back without a map could prove really difficult. sorry if it’s to late for my thoughts
  14. Tea Baggins

    name change / game login (Fixed)

    Hi, my name was Tea Baggins however i got asked in a direct message to change my name so i have changed it to Tee Morgan however now trying to login it says my name has to be the same as my forum name. Would it be possible for someone to change my forum name to Tee Morgan please? Kind regards Tee Morgan (FIXED) Fixed, i think
  15. I'm 29 years young and i am seeking refuge. My friends... my family... and my shipmates have all fallen victim to the radiation that haunts this land. It all started when we had decided our ship needed some essential repairs, on our travels we stumbled upon a ship wreck not so far from the bastion. We docked the ship near to the wreck, in the hopes of salvaging the items we needed to make our repairs. It was then we realised this wasn't no ordinary land, we noticed 3 eyed fish, birds with no feathers, sheep with no wool and pigs with no snout and that was just the beginning... We decid