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  1. Wong

    Patch Notes | 20.9.18

    I was already flexing last night don't worry
  2. Wong


    0bcea8e48a2faea1b1e2f04b2a4bf7b8.pngI feel this should be the next loading screen


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    2. Cory


      Damn bro you an artist at heart

    3. Joe



    4. Wong




  3. Wong

    Loading Screen Snippets Contest [ENTER HERE]

    "Down With ISF!- CPT Roge"
  4. Wong

    OIM Security

    I feel it is necessary for OIM department head and OIM Medical to have DART protection 24/7. I need @Jared to riot for this, he's good at getting his own way.
  5. Wong


    Said the workers attitude is disgusting 


    1. NozzyRP


      Yeah ain't no good work ethic there 

  6. Wong

    Killed and robbed

    @Jordz You need to post a POV of exactly happened. From start to end.
  7. Wong

    Killed and robbed

    @Jordz has been on the website since being called in and due to not posting a POV will be temp banned until he posts a full and detailed POV with any video evidence he may have
  8. Wong

    SC23's Comp Request

    Accepted. Compensated already
  9. Wong


    Hit Logs: Kill Logs: Calling in @Johan Liebert for a full and detailed POV with and unedited video evidence you might have
  10. Wong

    After RDM comp

    Hey there Kaben; Sorry this happened to you. However, we don't compensate for rulebreaks only bugs and glitches on the server.
  11. Wong

    AlexDerange Compensation Request

    Approved Once available post this link in support chat in discord and ask for a operator.
  12. Wong


    Hey @Paul Sanchez While we're sorry you lost your equipment due to a rulebreak we do not give compensation unless an item is lost due to a glitch or bug With that said this will be denied
  13. Wong


    @Shortround @Strider @ProwleR @Jimmy @Sassy


    Commissioner just had enough, I guess.

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    2. Cory



    3. Wong


      Had me dead for literally 10 mins 

    4. Jimmy


      yeah I was literally crying from laughter when I turned around and saw this:

  14. Wong

    Red Levels

    There will be special place on the forums where the RED levels will be posted. They're currently being reworked :)
  15. @Waavy Your temp ban has been removed. Please keep a close eye on this report for any further questions