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  1. nova13

    Music Thread

  2. nova13

    Share your screenshots!

  3. nova13

    Ronni ban appeal

    Link to the report/thread of punishment: screenshot Why should our decision be overturned: we did not go outside, we were exploring tunnels and found vine covered exit we did not know was there until then. we did not loot outside the admin free caming us can attest to that. we started taking damage and ran back out of the area. i was with @The Navigator Any evidence to support your claim (Photos/videos): n/a What could have you done differently: waited to die slowly as nature intended due to misadventure. What would you like to accomplish with this appeal:x remova
  4. nova13

    RP Shoutouts

    Had a most fun and amazing time today with you guys @djhato @The Navigator @Kolliflower and anyone in earshot. Big love to davlin and pilot especially. <3
  5. nova13

    Not In My Living Room

    Uneducated posters.
  6. nova13

    Not In My Living Room

  7. nova13

    Not In My Living Room

  8. Oh wow. @The Navigator the guns..... the sweet guns...
  9. nova13

    See ya!

    Barely got to chat, but you were great when we did, and when I heard you from afar, shouting at the bad guys (hehehe). GG
  10. nova13

    RP Shoutouts

    Just saw this. It was good fun trying to cook Napoleon! When I finally open my own restaurant, you will be invited to be dinner, I mean for dinner.
  11. nova13

    RP Shoutouts

    I did try it, it was over seasoned, as I said. But the cow meat, I'm still not convinced that wasn't a euphemism for something else. But I literally just woke up, and stew is not the thing I want first thing upon waking.
  12. nova13

    ronni comp request

    Discord Name: Ronni/Nova13 Location: my house Time and date of the event: oct 4th 2020 at approximately 19:15 my time Evidence before: screenshot Evidence after: screenshot Details of what was lost and what happened: Server went down suddenly just now for update of a mod, I didn't get back to my backpack in time to grab it off the floor and it has gone poof.
  13. nova13

    Create an Obituary

    A thread for Obituaries of PK's so those characters can be properly remembered by friends and colleagues, in the In Character section. Would probably have to have staff/admin do the postings though so it's not over run with the none PK deaths, somehow.
  14. nova13

    One IRL Fact About You

    I collect skulls.
  15. nova13

    Limit storage per person

    Interesting. I agrees about limiting the number of storage.