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  1. Xena Jones

    Xena Jones

    What am I going to do now ? where will I wake up ? 

  2. Xena Jones

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

  3. Xena Jones

    Xena Jones

    Good morning! ☀️

    Screenshot (690).png

  4. Xena Jones

    Abuse of Game Mechanics : 11/11/20

    my pov , Johnny and I was at the shop , we seen granger we starting roleplaying he told us about his new fish shop and asked if we wanted to come see it, as we walked in the door a guy came out from behind the counter with a sledgehammer in his hand threating granger something about he stole something, then i see granger and johnny ran towards the door and it closed and thats when i was sledged by this guy i do not know. when i came out of uncon he told me to get out of here that he didnt want to hurt me i yelled back you already have and ran out the door yelling for help,
  5. Xena Jones

    Xena Jones

    Happy Halloween 👻

    1. JohnnyBlayze


      Happy Halloween 🎃


  6. Xena Jones

    Share your screenshots!

    Your welcome, I had a great time as well. I hope to do it more.
  7. Xena Jones

    Xena Jones

    ☕ 💜 

    1. Abu_Muhammad



    2. Xena Jones

      Xena Jones

      Walmart ? is that where i can buy coffee ? lol 

    3. Zandwalf


      Chicory Coffee is a must. 

  8. Xena Jones

    Xena Jones

    Life is short. Smile while you still have Teeth. 😃

    1. Scott Smithy

      Scott Smithy

      What if you dont have teeth?

    2. Xena Jones

      Xena Jones

      smile anyways 

  9. Xena Jones

    Xena Jones

    In a world where you can be anything. Be kind 

    1. Zandwalf


      I wouldn't say that to the ISF 😂

  10. Xena Jones

    Top Quality RP

    It was a fun time at the pub , you did great your self playing a drunk, Hope for more fun times to come, The RP has been amazing lately,
  11. Xena Jones

    Alpha 2 Release Trailer

    Awesome Trailer. cant wait till Saturday.
  12. Xena Jones

    SITREP 013 | 10/6/2020 | Consequence

    Cant wait,
  13. Xena Jones

    One IRL Fact About You

    My favorite color is purple.
  14. Xena Jones

    Create an Obituary

    I like the idea.