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  1. jimyh

    Coloured markers for DTac

    If at all possible could the markers for ISF officers be colour coded to the the name, when there are a lot of officers on and involved in a situation it isnt always possible to know where your crew mate is or when asked to complete a task with a certain officer finding that officer can be difficult at times. Thanks
  2. jimyh

    Player Driven Economy

    great idea to make the populous create the economy without relying on the OIM for handouts or cheaper goods. +1
  3. jimyh

    What are your ideas to improve BastionRP?

    how about a snowfall and christmas tree in the square for christmas
  4. jimyh

    Patch Notes | A2.5

    awesome, thank you
  5. jimyh

    Curable zombie virus

    oh really @The Navigator ive been out a few times but never seen any hordes. My bad
  6. jimyh

    Curable zombie virus

    however as a side idea, how about making more zombie hoards ouside, make it really tough, people will really have to be prepared to survive.
  7. jimyh

    Other ways out

    oh ok, guess im gonna have to ask around, cheers for the heads up.
  8. jimyh

    What are your ideas to improve BastionRP?

    theres a few suggestions already on the suggestions page that have neither been approved or debunked!!
  9. jimyh

    Other ways out

    As far as i am aware, the only way to leave the Bastion now is through the sewers (correct me if i am wrong) This limits the fear of being caught by ISF as they are not allowed in the sewers. yes there are other gangs and groups but its not the same fear as you get when their is a chance of being caught by ISF. When we used to be able to escape over the wall, it was so immersive in the fact that you had to be really careful and cautious and quick and could cause you to panic and worry a bit about the chance of ISF catching you go over and returning, the sewers is too easy a task in order
  10. jimyh

    Another Bastion

    just for information and i totally understand if its not something that will be implemented for the reasons you stated however where you say, This was not what i was trying to say, the second Bastion would be a proper manned facility with ISF, OIM and Citizens, the citizens from BKG-023 would not be able to live there as there ID would not be accepted to either rent properties or to be added to an already established group on a property. Citizens would still have to sneek in and out of BOTH Bastions with the chance of being detained. Also if a citizen was stopped and found to be in th
  11. jimyh

    Another Bastion

    Please pardon my ignorance, i have no idea on server performance and stability however, what if there was another Bastion in koralgrad, like an old facility before this Bastion but still in use. There are many people who go outside the walls i feel it would add so much more if there was a purpose other than looting for guns, they could venture to the other Bastion and try to find their way in etc, they could meet new people and make deals, if stopped by ISF then they would obviously be caught and punished in an appropriate way. I think it would give the citizens of both Bastions an extra 'thin
  12. jimyh

    ID Chips and Scanning

    Not sure if it would be possible, but i think it would be a good idea if ISF officers could identify dead bodies either those reported to them by other citizens or in a case the other day when ISF had to defend themselves and shoot the guy, unfortunately he died so no interrogation was able to be carried out to the circumstances surrounding the incident. If each character was 'chipped' ISF could scan them with their Phone to identify them, this would help in certain situations where RP was either interrupted or cut short due to accidental death. Hope that makes sense
  13. jimyh


    it was a new building it had 4 or 5 days left on it My ban was only implemented yesterday.
  14. jimyh


    What's the deal with my rented properties whilst i'm banned? A member of my team has had to re-rent them as they were unlocked. Although i agree with my ban (to a degree) i don't feel its right for my properties to be unlocked for everyone to help themselves?????
  15. jimyh

    Smoking cigs and vehicle talks

    you can reach the edge of the map in 24 minutes on foot and that includes some stoppage. not sure what edge mind as i got lost too. lol