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  1. s0ulska

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

    Much props to all the people who made this possible. I had a great time and made friends that I will keep in touch with. I hope the bastion will be back better than ever.
  2. s0ulska

    Alpha 2 Release Trailer

    Full hard
  3. s0ulska

    Not In My Living Room

  4. s0ulska

    One IRL Fact About You

    i have brought people back to life with my bare hands.
  5. s0ulska

    Real life picture Thread

    dude on the left has got those barrel carrying arms.
  6. Born and raised in the USA, I was a proud Mexican/American. When the day came and the bombs met their mark, I was no longer able to live in the US due to the radioactivity and the Infected. I set out for Europe. My trade was in Emergency Medicine, so I was lucky enough to get passage on a trade ship as the "ship medic". We arrived in Italy and I made my way to Czechoslovakia because I heard of a place called Chernarus where the infected were in manageable numbers and there were established cities with people all trying to get things "back to normal". Nothing was farther from the truth. I spen