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  1. Sm0keyBear

    Lack of initiation/Unprovoked kill/BadRP

    The issue was sorted out OOC on comms. If you could please close the report. Thank you.
  2. Sm0keyBear

    Lack of initiation/Unprovoked kill/BadRP

    100% I sent you DM already. Edit: We will talk it out OOC.
  3. Sm0keyBear

    Lack of initiation/Unprovoked kill/BadRP

    Not sure why this earlier interaction is being posted in connection with this report, I don't have problem with that one as it was resolved and I'm more than happy to continue this "beef" though proper RP interactions but PeteGG was claiming in his first response that "Smokey was the same person who spit on friend who I consider as a brother in a conflict not even an hour apart." In VOD you can hear me telling him to get out of my face repeatedly but he kept doing just that. I told him "go suck your mumma dry" and started walking towards slums when he started to get in my face again and it's
  4. Sm0keyBear

    Lack of initiation/Unprovoked kill/BadRP

    You can hear my voice on the video but very faint. I don't know why GeForce Experience saved it like that, that's a first time that happened and I'm trying to figure it out right now. Mic was set to push to talk in GeForce Experience without me realising. When the attacker returned at first I didn't realise that he brought more than one guy with him so I told him that there are more of usa than them and they should leave us alone. Then I just stand there blocking access to the guy at the compactor without saying anything. After they attacked first guy and returned to me I just kept saying that
  5. Sm0keyBear

    Lack of initiation/Unprovoked kill/BadRP

    Location: Compactor ner bus depot. Time and date of the event: 14/15.10.2020 Around midnight GMT. In-game name and allies involved: Damian Piekielny, Xena, Cowboy Bill and few others names I don't know/remember. Name of suspect(s): Don't know their names. Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: Detailed description of the events: We met a guy trying to deposit things into compactor and other guy trying to steal his credits. We approached them and offered to protect first guy until he deposits all his stuff. At that point guy who tried to steal his credits left
  6. Sm0keyBear

    Handcuffs that allow jogging

  7. Sm0keyBear

    Create an Obituary

  8. Sm0keyBear

    Disappearing gun

    Hi. I logged out with loaded AK101 on a sling and Remington700 without sling on my back. Full backpack in my hands and empty one on my back and full inventory with few guns and other items. When I logged in all the guns got unloaded and ammo and mags ended up in the backpack on my back as per normal and all the items were where I left them except for the AK. AK was gone with loaded mag, ammo and the sling.
  9. Sm0keyBear

    Filter not full

    Thank you very much for your help
  10. Sm0keyBear

    BadRP - East side slums

    Sorry I just realised I'm talking like I'm in game trying not to reveal too much information. In more detail Neo is to my character the 1st guy who sold him all the equipment needed to survive outside the wall and for a very good price he also explained how to use it properly. He is the guy who told him a lot of inside workings of the slums. He is the main guy my character goes to buy contraband from but he is also person that he goes to when he has to buy from others to confirm that he gets a good price. He also rents space in the factory inside the slums from Neo. At the time of the inciden
  11. Sm0keyBear

    BadRP - East side slums

    My character done few business deals with him and we had few conversations. I also was participating in conversations Neo was taking part in on few ocasions. Actually, I was going back to my place after one of those conversations that we were both part of when the incident happened, that's why I was near Neo's place as it is on the way to my place. I know him more as a business associate of my old bosses Bangkok Stallion and John "Big Boss" Johnson.
  12. Sm0keyBear

    BadRP - East side slums

    Hi all. I know Neo only IC, we done business once or twice and had or been part of same conversation with others on few occasions. Feesh I know IC and OOC. Our characters past on Bastion is connected by running in the same crew roughly 10 years earlier. I don’t know OP IC nor OOC, at least I didn’t recognise his voice. POV: I was near Neo house when we heard someone loudly questioning my friend. We both immediately started running in that direction. When we arrived I didn’t say anything as I heard Feesh still trying to reason with this guy. The moment guns came out I tried to def
  13. Sm0keyBear

    BadRP - East side slums

    Just to confirm I’m the fourth person involved in this encounter.
  14. Sm0keyBear

    Filter not full

    Okay that's cool but shouldn't I be able to refill it with charcoal tablets?
  15. Sm0keyBear

    Filter not full

    I bought filter from black market vendor and it wasn't full. I tried to fill it with charcoal tablets but it took one and it won't take more and it's still not full.