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    my bad pov: me and my associates are hanging in the slums before leaving. one of us is apprehended due to op's group remembering events they were killed in, I react over voice before getting held up. I make my escape in hopes my associates near (4 others able to assist) would help but allas they did not and i was killed.
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    Link to the report/thread of punishment: Why should our decision be overturned: Each of my deaths were from separate roleplay situations during an hour of Red Level 1/2. Never once that day was I involved in any physical hostilities against the ISF, no firefights, no robberies, nothing. I was protesting with my associates and running away from the hooligans who were gunning down civilians left and right. Each time I followed new-life rule and stayed out of the same situation with no memory, and tried my best to stay out of the area. The roleplay forced me back into the same areas and I
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    the budha crime empire

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    POV: me and my associates are hanging out around the city before a man begins to flex how he is a b class citizen; we call him names before he pulls a gun on me and threatens to shoot me. I comply with his commands and circle around as I see my friend pull out his shovel, I waited until the pistol was lowered before charging and slamming him in the face twice before my friend put him to sleep. I did very much value my life as I fought for it and came out on top, you were heavily out numbered and initiated on a group with people with a 9mm pistol. @Clumsy They were two completely d
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    Killed without initiation

    pov: me and my crew of associates saw a man dressed in nice clothing in the plaza including a white backpack. My character is trying to better himself so he decided to offer the man some credits for the bag, the man declined therefor I said "alright give me the bag or you're getting hit over the head asshole" he runs and we pursue him into the slums before losing him. A minute or so later I see the same man at the trainstation and confirm his identity before reengaging trying to claim my bag. All of a sudden a mob of hooligans show up who I am assuming are his friends and a massive brawl ensue
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    Increase Respawn Timer

    30 minutes is way to long just ban the people who break the rules.
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    Staff Report - Multiple NLR 3.8

    first death was completely legitimate by sassy as I told him to stop whispering during code red/being outside, second and third I have no idea; there was a lot of crossfire and shooting going on but at no point was I participating in any firefights so not sure where that is coming from. Final death was what I hope was a mistake as I was killed by Sassy because someone behind me was telling him to stop whispering. I had both of my hands up and just took it as crossfire and didn't return to the rp after that. didnt engage in any shootouts with isf or civilians at any point today was simply doing
  10. An idea would be to remove high-tier automatics from the loot entirely and only have them dropped in certain events/single drops by staff so the first people to hoard rad pills don't get access to the entire loot table. +1 for full wipe and economy overhaul
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    I dont remember exactly what happened but I do remember a man who we already killed came back with his group of friends and specifically pointed out the man who killed him who was @AidanVC
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    Robbed of gear by non RP players

    pov: we see a man equipped in the slums and pick him as an easy target. After surrounding him a conversation ensues for a few minutes before we try to hold him up; he attempts to flee but is knocked out with a shovel. I take what I can before escaping the scene.
  13. tosstheball

    RDM / BadRP

    pov: Me and my associates scream at a man that we want his backpack or we would beat his ass he did not give us the backpack so we beat his ass
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    all your videos do is further prove my point that I am defending my friend as he is jumped by third parties that aren't involved. I am quite literally in the video the entire time talking in an accent as we are known in the slums as a group.