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    OIM Notice - Overseer of Contraband Disposal

    Amelia Romano - 51613 - Manager
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    RP Shoutouts

    Yeah I don’t smoke weed lol. That was my first time. Sorry i got you in trouble
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    Alcohol effect

    Idk if this is even possible but I feel like with as much as people drink vodka and beer that there should be an alcohol effect on one’s character. Like blurred vision and a stumbling kind of effect. Just food for thought tho.
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    RP Shoutouts

    Last night was very very strange I’m not gonna lie. Bastion feels very different and slightly ominous. And a lot of fucking weirdos have come out from the shadows lol. But last night was fun nonetheless.
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    KWR in Slums.

    May be a false report to you because your not the one who got robbed and gunned down for absolutely no reason. I know someone accidentally got punched but y’all seriously had to react the way you did. Over an accidental punch. It’s just crazy to me.
  6. Jayy Dennis

    KWR in Slums.

    It sucks that video doesn’t show me and Casey getting robbed while the others to the right of us had there hands up and were complying and STILL got gunned down.
  7. Jayy Dennis

    KWR in Slums.

    I was in the slum with Casey and everyone else. We were all boxing eachother joking around and having a good time. Then we all were ganging up on someone JOKINGLY as he ran behind and hid someone dressed in a BDU jacket and had a big BDU backpack. The dude he hid behind accidentally got punched and the guy immediately apologised. But seconds later they pulled guns out immediately started shooting telling us to put our hands up. Gunned down everyone else left me and Casey after robbing Casey. Then telling everyone if we are involved with C.L.A they’ll kill us all.
  8. Jayy Dennis

    KWR in Slums.

    Yeah we got shot at but they didn’t kill us. They robbed Casey for all his belongings. They said if we have anything to do with the C.L.A they’ll kill us.
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    In game name needs to match forum name.

    So I went on to the dzsa profile name and set it to the forum name and every time I try to launch the game it says it doesn't match. I've checked my steam id three times now to make sure it correct and it is. I don't know what else to do. I've read all the questions and suggestions from other people having this problem. My character is active. And also when I'm on the bastion launcher there is no option to customize character like I've read from some of these question. Please help
  10. Amelia was born in August, 2, 2019 in Florence Italy. She moved to the US in 2026 right before the war with her Mom and Father in a little city called Sacramento, California. They were upper-middle class so they were able to afford a nice little place over looking the city. Her father was a CEO of a big company downtown in the heart of Sacramento. Her mother was a nurse. During all of this chaos with a potential war about to happen. Her father got in contact with a bunch of higher ups and was able to set up a decent underground bunker for them to survive in. A year later came when the war bro
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    PC only?

    Is this for PC only or can this be played on console as well?