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  1. so because someone did something in the past metagaming for all!?
  2. Bill


    after miller was kicked out of our discord preachers warehouse was raided within 24 hrs. its my understanding that his isf character was part of that. i have no vid evidence
  3. Bill

    SITREP 013 | 10/6/2020 | Consequence

    Ok thanx
  4. Bill

    SITREP 013 | 10/6/2020 | Consequence

    Will we have to reapply for the whitelist?
  5. Bill

    Spikey baseball bat

    On the workbench when you try to craft a spikey baseball bat it says bad classname next to the scrap metal notify admin!!!!
  6. Bill

    Trapped in a room

    Ok thanks Peaches
  7. Bill

    Trapped in a room

    I'm not exactly sure where I am but I am in the group of buildings that seem to be empty office buildings bunched together. I came here to log out as I dont have a place of my own and was checking through the structure and noticed that the doors do not open so I look around and looking through the window is a couple of empty rooms so I jump through the window. Try the door on the inside and it doesn't work either so I try getting back out the window and it wont let me. I been in here a couple of hours now and dont know what to do lol help? I posted here because it seems like a bug to me
  8. Born before the change I stuck to myself and traveled alot. I have always been skeptical of people and thier motives as I had a troubled childhood filled with poverty, drug users, and abusers. I learned to defend myself very well and not take people at face value. I'm not proud of some of the things I have done to survive both before the apocalypse and after but I am also not ashamed because the world universe has led me down these paths. As I get older I find myself slowing down and getting tired of roaming from place to place and want to find a place I can call my permanent home. Iv heard ab