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  1. Poncho Chavez was born in raised in a very low income area in the city of Detroit in Michigan. School was never his thing and his father abandoned him when he was very young. He had nobody to look up to, so he turned to the streets and joined a mexican street gang. They called themselves the vatos and mainly sold drugs and guns. Poncho made a name for himself in Detroit for being a loyal and productive soldier in the vatos. He was bringing in the most money for the gang through selling drugs and guns. Eventually he became the leader of the vatos in Detroit but gained a lot of enemies, a rival
  2. Casey Shelton

    Bad RP/troll at the square

    Yes, We are from the outside, from the sewers, we don't attack anyone unless they hit us with a blunt object, we were friendly with zandwalf in town square, but this guy should have just ran away from us but he hit us whilst he was outnumbered. These characters have a very small vocabulary.
  3. Billy Brownington the legend, came from Louisiana, USA and worked construction his whole life, when the war hit he and his brother transferred to a bastion in Ukraine.
  4. Casey Shelton

    KWR in Slums.

    They said they used my unintentional punch to initiate on me, but they initiated on everyone, told everyone to put their hands up. And @WongI can only speak for myself and the time that I have been in the CLA, You have never fought any of us (CLA) IC on your "rebel" character, we rarely put on our CLA uniform prior to overthrowing the NCC.
  5. Casey Shelton

    KWR in Slums.

    I was in the slums fooling around with some of the people there. Fredo Santana, Pierce Sanchez, and I were all messing around and fighting and chasing each other. And a few others were standing around talking and watching us. A random guy in all white was showing us his dance moves, and then about 8 fully armed guys with plate carriers and masks come running down the road of the slums toward us. At first glance I knew they were only coming to start trouble. But we kept our cool and weren't talking to them, I was chasing Pierce Sanchez around hitting him and he ran behind one of the armed men l
  6. Casey Shelton

    Invalid Kill with Roleplay

    POV: I was told by Tridon IC that we have to deal with a spy that the "white shirts" found. So I tagged along to help with the interrogation. It wasn't really developing any story, just back and forth over if he is a spy or not. IC I have reason to be on edge and aggressive, but I did not want to kill him, I thought it would play out much nicer if we make a whole court case out of it, in the video I said "lets let the people decide." or just hold him in a cell for some time to wait for the more important leaders like Winston to decide on the matter. One of the white shirts But after trying to
  7. Casey Shelton


    @Dodgy Greek guyLook I like you IC you are good at RP, but I know for a fact you mentioned winston being tangled with the ISF so I had to relay it to him because thats what an IC ally would do
  8. Casey Shelton


    Sheesh, it hasn't even been 24 hours and I am temp banned for not posting my pov?! My POV is very short POV: I am well known in the slums and do business with many people. I saw Stavaros on the rooftop of a slum with binos looking around, I asked him whats up and he replied something like "not much just scanning the slums. There have been a lot of snitches around" something around those lines and then he told me to be careful around Winston as he is a snitch and talks to the ISF a lot." Being a close friend with Winston IC, I relayed this information to him in game and told him he should
  9. Casey Shelton


    When me and my friend Sigfried were robbed, they beat us and stole our stuff, mainly my aviators and shemaugh, while this robbery happened, my other friend, Roderigo Knova saw the whole situation and didn't engage with the balltoes because he was outnumbered. So when I awoke and returned to the slums about 30 minutes later, there was many people at the front entrance and a fight broke out. By this time I met back up with Roderigo and we watched the people at the front entrance (some being balltoes) fighting and looting bodies of their latest victims. Roderigo pointed out to me that the man in
  10. Son of working class Irish Immigrants born and raised in one of the most impoverished towns in Louisiana known as Bogalusa. Casey Shelton had a rough upbringing, his father worked low level construction and was a functioning alcoholic who would often scream and beat him and his mother. His mother was a secretary at a school When Casey was 12 years old his mother "drowned" in the bayou right around the corner from their home the night after she told his father that she was going to divorce him and take Casey up north to Ohio, where she had a job offer to escape from the awful town of Bogalusa t