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  1. dany

    Execution of a compliant hostage/ Kinda powergaming?

    POV: I went to the slums with @mula aka Black Ops Balto, and Powerjake. The idea was to rob someone with Mula as our sniper overwatch in the apartments. We went into the slums, spotted a mark for robbery as I think we saw that they had a pistol or something on them, don't really recall. Regardless, I decided not to openly associate with Powerjake or Baltos so I could blend in and observe. Powerjake was talking to, what I now assume were the accused's men or the accused themself about something or other, though it really didn't sound like anything even half resembling "peace negotiations" to me
  2. dany

    The super glock (modded weapon suggestion)

  3. dany

    Execution of a compliant hostage/ Kinda powergaming?

    POV: After following the gang around for about 5-10 minutes, they hold us up, we comply. After getting up some distance with them, the gun is aimed away from me and I have a opening. My character decides to run, I manage to get away only to get shot at, so I act like I got shot in the leg and fell down onto the ground. I was then beat till unconcious and died shortly after.
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    me aiming my large colt navy revolver to your head ready to pull the trigger for posting something stupid gaming
  7. dany

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    good movie btw

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      yo mama lol

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  8. dany

    Killed without initiation

    POV: @tosstheball initiated on someone in town square, they chased him into the slums and then saw him again at the trainstation. After toss confirms his identity, the gang move in to attack the guy who was initiated upon, I get a couple of hits in, and then i'm presuming the guys friends roll up and start hitting. There was a multitude of people fighting so it was really hard to tell who was who, but I got hit and started bleeding. Right before the fight ended, I leave the area and eventually bleed out and die.
  9. dany


    POV: I respond to some shots at the clock tower with @Justinj5277 only to see a guy sliding down the elevator. He has a gun, so I rightfully initiate on him. He continues to run so I take some shots at him, and I believe @Justinj5277 knocked him out. After we restrained the shooter, he wakes up and tries to break out. He has a gun to his head and is surrounded by 3 troopers. Even after 2-4 warnings to stop breaking out of the cuffs, he continues. After multiple warnings, he continues to attempt to break out of the cuffs so the SGT just executed him.
  10. dany

    Robbed inside my home

    No, I do not.
  11. dany

    Robbed inside my home

    POV: My friend @Abu_Muhammad initiated on the OP and ran into his house. The guy then starts beating him to death. Me and @dawsonpark were outside of the guys shack and he opens the door. We run in and beat him to death, as he was already initiated upon. We were stuck briefly inside of the shack but then we got sprayed down by people outside and died.
  12. dany

    Prof. Ivan

    good rp with your scientist today jolly old bean i was trooper morris
  13. I would be all for this if the zombies in DayZ weren't already broken and terrible. I honestly liked it back when zombies would spawn in large groups outside of towns and camps and throughout the wilderness. I get the point though, it should be hard for people to live outside in a irradiated wasteland.
  14. dany

    Buff IED’s

  15. dany


    POV: I was with my good friend Akachi Muladir, and he told the guy to shut up. The guy then proceeds to get into his face and say what are you gonna do in a threatening manner. After doing this, me and Akachi gang up on him and beat him till he is unconcious. We had no intention to kill or rob, as stated above. After beating him til unconciousness, some random guy comes up and starts stabbing him to death. After killing him, he runs away. I didn't catch his name or anything, but after that happened, we left the situation.