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  1. Vasco Fernandes was born in August 2012 in Newark, NJ. His family were immigrants that came over from Portugal. Vasco grew up in an impoverished area in Newark and saw his family struggle to make ends meet. He dropped out of highschool in 11th grade to help his parents. After working low paying jobs, Vasco was approached by his friends to start selling drugs. Vasco and his friends joined the Bridge Kings, a local gang. After a couple years Vasco gained notoriety and he started working on trafficking drugs and selling guns. The BK took over and after a couple years huge turf war broke out. A lo
  2. DallasRP


    Enjoyed playing on Dayz with my bois, feelsgoodman.

  3. Willie Roads was born in August 2002 in Eugene, Oregon to a hippy family that lived in a combine. His parents and his siblings lived a humble and easy life, not really worrying about adhering to the social norms. Willie grew up on the land and was taught by his parents and other community members to self sustain. Once he finished home schooling, Willie decided to go down to California with some friends from the community. They took off and headed towards the railroad and met some hobos. There was a man named Crazy Caleb who took Willie and his friends under his wings. He taught them how to rid
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    S1: GearRP in Kabanino

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    JamesRP's Media Thread

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    one of us, one of us!
  10. im a trustor now

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    Just wanted to say hi and that i'm excited to role play on this server.