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  1. Hawkins1999

    Add rule against sniping people to get out of rp situation

    Probably yes. However I believe it should just become a rule to discourage people from doing it in the first place.
  2. Hawkins1999

    Add rule against sniping people to get out of rp situation

    There is nothing more frustrating then knowing ISF has someone detained and being escorted. Just for them to be sniped by a friend so they get out of the situation. They wait 15 minutes and go about their business free from the situation. This is cowardly and almost as bad as combat logging. If this happens then the character should be perma-killed. This has happened 3 times to me since I have joined BastionRP. I'm just a bit worn out from the bad rp that this creates in scenarios. You have to hunt the perpetuator down all over again just for it to happen again.
  3. Hawkins1999

    In memoriam

    In Memory of Fernando Santana. 2020/09/10 - 2040/10/27 Lost to the mental torments of BKG-023. Warrior and brother to the end. Went out on his own terms...
  4. Hawkins1999

    ISF Feedback

    I've had nothing but good experiences with the Vatos. When a group of 4 originally came up to me I was like ahhh crap this is the end for me. But after just talking to them, and treating them with respect I've had nothing but good experience with them. This same concept can be taken the other way around with any group in the Bastion. If you want people to like you and not put a target on your back, simply treat them with respect and help out. I personally think the Vatos add good RP to the Bastion. I can understand how people who get on their bad side might not have that same POV. The ISF as
  5. Hawkins1999

    Outlaw external VOIP

    While I agree some groups ruin the immersion with Outside VOIP tools such as discord or TS, I do not believe it something that should be taken away. Radios in DayZ are notorious for not working, glitching, and ruining gameplay. We drifters tried this last night just using radios. Between everything being chaotic where half the times no one could hear through the radios(yes we checked the batteries before and after) and radios blaring in our ears repeating everything anyone was saying... It was not a fun experience. This is something that you could easily police by just watching streams, or by
  6. Hawkins1999

    Reduction of time served for temporary 14 day ban. Would like for Ban to be lifted.

    Link to the report/thread of punishment: There was no report made, me and my fellow associate were pulled into "Waiting for support." We got the evidence layed down in front of us and handed these warnings and then banned. Why should our decision be overturned: I believe your decision was just and fair. I believe you made the right choice as server staff looking out for their server. I do not want your decision overturned. I stand with your decision, haven't and wont fight it. Any evidence to support your claim (Photos/videos): No evidence to
  7. Hawkins1999

    Execution of a compliant hostage/ Kinda powergaming?

    The sniper I kind of picked up on myself thank you... considering I was under fire and present yes. I shot the African American Balto several times before he escaped over the back wall of the slums. Of which i was taking sniper fire and ducked behind the warehouse. Me and some other residents of the slums spotted the sniper and saw him relocate his position after i patched myself up. And no they didnt relay that they were killed by them, They simply told me that the guy was getting hostile and that they saw him drop a gun for White Balto. Now i saw the two men standing over my men's dead b
  8. Hawkins1999

    Execution of a compliant hostage/ Kinda powergaming?

    The peace talk was literally just clearing up who we were looking for. The man said His name was Balto and he had nothing to do with anything so stop trying to hunt him. We were going to do just that until one of my men relayed the information that he saw the suspect drop him a gun right before the shots started popping off.
  9. Hawkins1999

    Execution of a compliant hostage/ Kinda powergaming?

    Of course. And they were relaying the suspicious activity. Up until I lost contact with them when they died. No information was shared after they died.
  10. Hawkins1999

    Execution of a compliant hostage/ Kinda powergaming?

    White Balto approached us and asked us if we were looking for the Baltos. Upon saying yes, we were told that his name was Balto and that he had 5 snipers on us, and not to try anything. We continued to talk about how people were using his name and stuff to tarnish it. I thought we were fine and we would go our separate ways until the African American got hostile with my men and then White Balto came and combined with the Sniper I lost two men. So apparently the talk was a distraction and White Balto and African American Balto were together. Especially after killing my men and him not clearing
  11. Hawkins1999

    Execution of a compliant hostage/ Kinda powergaming?

    The avenue we attempted outside of just killing them was within the situation that happened when I lost two men. We were hunting for the man who mugged me named George, In our investigation we discovered that George was apparently in the Baltos, as a man claiming to be Balto came to us. He said he had "5 Black-Ops snipers watching us." We talked and I was hoping to resolve the situation, My men were questioning a African American who fit the profile and sounded like my suspect. Upon the man becoming Hostile my men were shot dead by a sniper in the smaller apartment/parking ramp buildings. From
  12. Hawkins1999

    Execution of a compliant hostage/ Kinda powergaming?

    If your referring to my three minute stream from last night... I didn't think it had much to contribute to the Report. My apologies if you think differently. My POV and everyone else's should line up with those three minutes however.
  13. Hawkins1999

    Execution of a compliant hostage/ Kinda powergaming?

    Cap's POV To understand why we did what we did, you must look at the bigger picture. This wasn't just a oh got a guy lets kill him. It was apart of a much bigger operation that's been going on for days. [Leading up to yesterday] Cap and his men have actively been hunting for the Baltos ever since Cap got mugged. So this whole situation has been going on for almost a week. The Baltos approached the Drifters in the slums two days ago, Which ended up with a sniper attack and the Baltos taking out two of Cap's men. In that situation we were questioning a suspect who we thought mugged me
  14. Hawkins1999

    2020/09/13 5:10 PM CST -Charles Rushknov killed by ISF without proper initiation-

    Location: location was the main square. On the right hand side of the bank kiosk if you were looking at the front of the kiosk Time and date of the event: Time was 5:10 PM CST. Date was 2020/09/13 In-game name and allies involved: In game name is Charles Rushknov. I was alone at the time. Name of suspect(s): Unknown name of suspect. Description is as follows. ISF officer with medium nasally voice. Reason for not more of a description is that he was up on a wall and I was there for total of 3 seconds. I could pick him out if I heard his voice. Proof or evidence of the discr
  15. Hawkins1999

    Well hello there.

    Names Hawkins1999, Ive been around the various roleplay communities from Rivalry 5M, to DayZRP and PurpleRP give or take a few dozen. Really looking for that community I can just take a break from life in for a few weeks. Ill be shipping out in october so im looking for some fun before my life becomes alot more hectic. About myself as a person? Age: 21 Name: Josiah From?: The Northwest. Favorite color: Blue(Color of protection and calm) Hobbies?: Singing, writing, gaming, working out, exploring abandoned buildings, Youtube and Twitch. Really looking forward to joining everyon