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  1. K-Jack

    Literally just wipe the server early and give a date

    I wasn't talking to you specifically. I know dozens of people that have openly stated they wont play until the wipe, and said this once the wipe was mentioned on forums. Thats the people I am referring to. Considering the server pop was halved the days following the word "wipe" was said, regardless of there being no date attached to it, I dont think its far-fetched assumption.
  2. K-Jack

    Literally just wipe the server early and give a date

    if we wipe now and people know a update map would force another wipe, people wont get on till that second wipe. Honestly I understand the staff fucked up mentioning a wipe before we even remotely had a date, but the attitude from the community has been extremely disappointing in response. There is no planned date but people cant fathom playing cause "MUH GEAR", even though it wont be a lore wipe and characters can progress all the same in this period. Seems people are still stuck in the Gear = RP mentality from conventional dayz roleplay and it's really disheartening.
  3. K-Jack

    Buff Charcoal tablets

    also 1 tablet = 1 min means i need to literally fill it 60 times to go back to full.
  4. K-Jack

    Has the Server Become Report Happy?

    i make reports to try and help the server, and drop them when i feel the person has genuinely realised their mistake and apologises :)
  5. K-Jack

    Staff Feedback- Tony Stark

    A hard worker who emits imperial-like energy. A Caesar one might say.
  6. K-Jack

    BadRP - East side slums

    Location: Slums Time and date of the event: around 2:20AM CEST - 21/09/2020 In-game name and allies involved: n/a Name of suspect(s): n/a Proof or evidence of the discrepancy: @ 6:22:30 Detailed description of the events: Was RPing with someone in slums, questioning them as to why they were skulking about near my house, firm but not overly hostile. Two people ran up out of nowhere and got immediately aggressive. Within literally 30 seconds one of them pulls out a gun, to which I respond with pulling mine out, and he initiates. After knocking my unconscious his fr
  7. K-Jack

    Add Shemags to the Trader/Vendors

    shemaghs are exactly the kind of item that shouldnt be on traders in order to stimulate a player based economy
  8. Ed

    • Ed
    • K-Jack

    hello kjack
    h e l l o                                      
    k - j a                                        
        c k                                        


    1. Strider



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      s h u t   U P !!!                                  


  9. K-Jack

    OIM Security

    wow dox EDIT: Thats another CU pour toi
  10. K-Jack

    OIM Security

    You're a CU
  11. K-Jack

    OIM Security

    I'll powergame the shit out of you and your commissioner
  12. K-Jack

    OIM Security

    do as your told boy
  13. K-Jack

    OIM Security

    Just tell ISF to do their god damn jobs and protect OIM. Dont see the necessity for a separate division tbh
  14. K-Jack

    Specific time rotations for ISF

    Maybe in a minge-free world. Closing for now, feel free to bring it up again when the city isnt on fire.
  15. K-Jack

    Metal Scraps from Cars