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    Scorpios 🤝

    happy birthday lad!! 

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    RIP C Struggs
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    Real life picture Thread

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    Joseph Mercer POV: We're venturing around the sewers when we come across a wooden crate on the floor, @Nothing picks up the crate and gets threatened by the accused before they sprint to the surface and a gun is heard being cocked around a minute later. We confront the small group on the surface where we exchange some hostilities. The accused gets right in-front of me and tells me to back off before the initiation is dropped, He doesn't comply despite being outnumbered. I then initiate on a woman in a white jacket as seen in the video before. Around 3-5 minutes later, they are knocked out
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    ur an old man now aye

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      Old Man GIFs | Tenor

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    This is. A once in a lifetime opportunity Just like visiting yoker
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    goth girl avi 10/10
  10. Born and raised in a working class family in central scotland by a single mother who was a registered nurse and the youngest of 3 brothers. Joseph growing up had it generally easy, often showing a keen interest in all things practical and focusing on tasks that involve getting his hands dirty. This eagerness is what ended up getting him to pursue the path of culinary, joining a local community college for a course in cooking. He enjoyed being a cook a lot, not only was he getting the fruits of his own labour by learning this trade, he was also opening up a wide range of opportunities for himse
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    Not In My Living Room

    male pattern baldness
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    SITREP 013 | 10/6/2020 | Consequence

    Yeah, the new whitelist opens on Friday 9th at 12pm EST
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    SITREP 013 | 10/6/2020 | Consequence

    can't wait map updates look sick as fuck
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    Yeezy Setup Thread

    sounds like they need to get their schmoney up lol bozos sum broke shit
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      take a knife and drain ur life :)))))))))))))