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  1. CUDA

    Music Thread

  2. CUDA

    Hello friends

    Glad to have you with us man hope you have some fun.
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      take a knife and drain ur life :)))))))))))))

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    hi this is flume

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      And you're listening to my new single Tap the artwork to listen and save to your own music collection

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    Rate the profile above you

    who ever made it has a better profile then u 10/10
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    Welcome sir
  7. Ian was born in Derry. His mother passed giving him life and he was raised by his father who tried his best to be the best father he could be during a horrible time in the world. When Ian turned 7 the world imploded fortunately Shane Duffy and Ian Duffy were safe in the Derry bastion. Shane was an ideologue and steadfast in many radical beliefs. Most of his beliefs directly opposed the dogmatic doctrine of the NCC. When his home was converted into the impenetrable bastion. He wanted to leave but refused to leave the land his family had lived in for hundreds of years. Ian then grew
  8. CUDA


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    Compensation Suggestion

    In agreement with this.
  10. CUDA

    How's everyone doing?

    Welcome to bastion man glad it has been fun for you.
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    Which way western man...


    1. Zandwalf


      Thats dope!!!!! Can't wait. 

  12. CUDA

    Tabletop RPG's

    me like dnd Me and the boys play quite a bit some of the best fun i've had. Here are two maps I made for the last two campaigns I ran.
  13. CUDA

    Not new to DayZ or Rp, but new here.

    Welcome man, glad to have you here with us.
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    Forum name Change

    /moved to questions Donating is the only way to change username.