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  1. Cipher

    Patch Notes | 20.9.26

    BastionRP | Patch Notes Version 20.9.26 - September 26th, 2020 HousingSystem Fixed bug that allowed lockpicks to be used to enter locked houses in certain circumstances @KyHbKa@Jad
  2. @Panic Yes ma'am Suggestion approved
  3. Cipher

    Patch Notes | 20.9.25

    BastionRP | Patch Notes Version 20.9.25 - September 25th, 2020 Notes Added Notes mod @Wardog Requires paper and pen to write notes Central Menu Added new central menu (key needs to be binded in menu) @RoomService Menu is configurable to allow us to bind most player actions to this menu (crafting, DTAC, text emotes, and more functionality to come) Koloko 2 Added K2 @DeAmouSE K2 is an experimental gas grenade developed by the OIM for use by the ISF for crowd control and special police operations. This g
  4. Cipher

    Don’t announce wipes

    I agree. We won't make this mistake again. Suggestion closed
  5. Cipher

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    hi this is flume

    1. CUDA


      And you're listening to my new single Tap the artwork to listen and save to your own music collection

  6. Cipher

    Increase Respawn Timer

    The timer has been raised to fifteen minutes as of a few days ago. How has this change affected your playstyle and enjoyment (if at all)?
  7. Strider

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    Fishing in Baku 

    1. Cipher



      "Damn it Recker.. almost shot you in the face!!"

    2. blundeag


      Silk Vista

  8. Cipher

    Rate the profile above you

    Legit my top 3 profiles, love the green colorway 10/10 would view again
  9. Cipher



  10. Cipher

    OIM Security

    This is something that can be handled by the OIM in an IC manner if they see it fitting to do so and if they can get the ISF to agree to it ICly. I don't see this as something that should be mandated by some sort of staff rule or OOC allowance. Because of this, I'll be declining this suggestion (but again, if the OIM wish to do this ICly, they have the freedom to do so).
  11. Cipher

    Dissapearing items from locker

    We'll be doing this. Approved
  12. Cipher

    Patch Notes |

    BastionRP | Patch Notes Version - September 20th, 2020 OIM Workshifts Fixed issue with automated spawners for OIM workshifts @Jad Grenade Logging Small bug fixes to displayed logs @Jad
  13. Cipher

    Unable to save character page edits

    This is a bad one. We're on it, should be fixed within the next few hours.
  14. Cipher



  15. Cipher

    Patch Notes | 20.9.20

    BastionRP | Patch Notes Version 20.9.18 - September 18th, 2020 Menu Fixed Player Name on Main Menu @Jad Added logout timer @Jad Fixed IP address and password on Play button @Jad Grenade Logging Log grenade actions/kills to ADM files @Jad Force Feeding Restrictions Disabled force feeding except when restrained @Jad Housing Added new building types to system @Cipher Characters Web App Added more active characters per Contribution Rank @DawPi Member, Resident -> 2 characters Citizen, Countryman ->