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    Welcome to the big 1-0! This is our tenth SITREP here at BastionRP, and a very necessary one at that, considering the amount of content we’ve got to share with you folks after such a long period of silence since our last test. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of this SITREP, however, I feel it’s important to share a bit of information on what’s been going on behind the scenes here at BastionRP. Those who participated in the Closed Testing Sessions will know that they were a bit of a mixed bag. While we had our fair share of success stories that came from our two month testing period (mainly the huge success of knowing that this idea even has a chance of working), we’ve also experienced our fair share of struggles, hangups, and outright failures - mainly stemming from a lack of foresight on our part. Partially, these issues were expected - after all, that’s what testing is for - but all of these complications and failures really brought us to one solution - we needed to go back to the drawing board and spend more time fleshing out our offerings to bring this experience up to the standard we want to set. Our core functionalities weren’t developed enough to support a 24/7 server - some were not developed at all - and more functionality needed to be built to support our vision. Since then, we’ve been expanding on all fronts - our map is being overhauled to include a larger, more expansive, multi-layered city of Korolgrad, and we are developing one-of-a-kind functionality to support a roleplaying experience that will be fulfilling for long periods of time. We’ll be expanding on these projects in this SITREP, as well as future SITREPs. One more consideration - this SITREP will be a much lighter than normal on images and video. This is by design - we want to keep most things secret so that in the next CTS, testers are truly exposed to all of the changes for the first time, and we can gauge a more raw, natural reaction. Apologies in advance! Without further ado, let’s begin! Korolgrad V2 Since our last test, a lot of thought has been put into our map, Korolgrad. While we had many positive comments about the city’s overall thematics, we felt that based on feedback from CTS participants as well as from staff, the current scope of the city wouldn’t support roleplay long term. We had to expand - and expand we did. @marvolo and @K-Jack have been hard at work at revamping the city in order to better accomplish the vision we had for Korolgrad towards the beginning of the project - a large, sprawling, vertical metropolis, truly unlike any other city in DayZ to date. What exactly is included in this revamp? Full underground system (WIP). We have figured out how to build the underground system we envisioned at the outset of this project. We have raised the city and are currently building the assets needed for a large sprawling sewer and subway system beneath the city. New exterior walls. We have replaced the outer wall with something that looks more akin to what a nuclear-proof Bastion should be. Completely new sectors. The city is doubling in size from our latest test with brand new sectors, neighborhoods, being designed by our lore team with the goal of providing fun and interesting stages for all kinds of roleplay. Most of the new sectors will be ready for you to explore by the next closed testing. Rework of existing sectors. We are working on a significant overhaul of many of our existing sectors in order to better support RP as well as provide more distinct themes for each of our individual sectors. Housing System As we stated in one of our previous CTS posts, one of the core functionalities we are developing is Housing (developed by @KyHbKa); a system that will allow citizens to rent property; any building on the map can be made rentable. There will be two types of buildings - buildings under NCC administration and buildings under private administration. Buildings under NCC administration will be properties that are rent controlled by the NCC, while buildings under private administration will be directly purchasable by citizens. Owners of these buildings will then be able to manage the property and allow other citizens to rent groups of doors within those buildings, creating interesting avenues for landlord-style roleplay. Crafting System We’re also nearing completion on the second core functionality of the experience, our own extended crafting system. Developed by @RoomService, this system will allow for a deeper, more streamlined crafting system with built-in organic progression. There are three primary features of this system: Ingredients Ingredients are the actual items used to produce a craftable item. We need to be able to mark certain items, both vanilla and custom, as craftable within Extended Crafting. Base Components Base components are considered primary ingredients that will be put to use in a large amount of crafting recipes in the game. Many items can be broken down into these base components, and many items can be built (either directly or indirectly) as a result of these items. Books In-game books that, when in a player's inventory (or within the player's lootable zone), will allow them to craft additional items at a relevant crafting bench. Example: a book titled "Soviet Weaponry" would give access to a number of items (likely weapons in this instance) from various categories, all thematically Soviet. It should be possible to be able to combine the knowledge from both books in order to unlock even more recipes. For example, if you were to find an ISF/NCC manual, as well as a general book on clothing construction, you would be able to craft ISF uniforms. Books, just like items for recipes, would be anywhere from common (for crafting of common household items) to super rare (for crafting of explosives, electronics, and other high value items). Not only does this create an economy around trading these books, but it also allows players to hyper-specialize into various crafting niches. We’re super excited to use this system to allow for a player-run economy based on items that take real time and effort to craft from sourced base components as well as items found from outside the Bastion. Questing & Dialogs The final core functionality that we are nearing completion on is a questing & dialogs mechanic. Developed by @KyHbKa, this mechanic has multiple potential uses for BastionRP. Firstly, it will allow us to create quests to introduce new players to important concepts and mechanics in an in-character setting. Secondly, it provides alternate activities for players during potential downtime on the server (for example, during periods of low population). Thirdly, it serves to introduce greater lore and world building through an in-game method (cassette tape quests, for example). Lastly, our dialog system works without a quest system attached to it; we can use it to provide in-game automated help whilst remaining in-character. We plan to allow players to access other core functionalities, such as banking, through this dialog system. We are so, so excited to be able to combine all three of these functionalities in our next Closed Testing Session. Shock, Suppression, & Sway As we approach completion of our core functionality to make gameplay and roleplay inside of the Bastion work, we are beginning to turn some of our attention to other questions in the back of our head. We’re of the opinion that new DayZ combat is more… arcade-y… than it could or should be, especially for the Bastion experience. Since weapons will be much rarer, so too will be player to player combat, especially with firearms. How do we tweak the game in order to make the rare moments of combat more methodical and tactical, in order to reward slow and careful play over twitch reflexes? As an answer to these questions, we present Shock, Suppression, and Sway, developed by @GlutenFreeVapes. Shock is an overhaul of the shock system of DayZ. Currently, there is no in-game notifier or cue when a player is in shock. This system attaches a vignette and blur effect to shock - the more “in shock” a player is in, the more pronounced the effect will be. Layered on top of this new shock system is Suppression, which raises the shock levels of a player ever so slightly when players are being shot at. Suppression also lowers the stamina slightly of players being shot at. Finally, we have introduced Enhanced Sway into DayZ. Reminiscent of systems found in Squad, ARMA, and Escape From Tarkov, Enhanced Sway increases the horizontal and vertical weapon sway of players based on many factors, including previous movement, weapon weight, and quick turning. If a player is out of breath from sprinting and they raise their weapon to fire, their sway will be increased until it eventually levels out. If a player attempts a 180 degree turn while aimed down sights, their sway will be increased as their character repositions. A player’s enhanced sway will be less noticeable when aiming down the sights of a handgun, as compared to a heavier rifle. Citizen Administration Now, for something that we can actually show you some screenshots of - we have just completed an expansion of our Character Creation app on the website. This expansion will give the ISF a suite of tools necessary to track citizen activities, such as general incidents, criminal records, and an all-new feature that we are introducing called the Citizen Score. The Citizen Score is the central pillar on which one's reputation is built on inside the Bastion. Consider it a direct approximation of a citizen's standing within the Bastion, as well as their loyalty to the NCC. Do good things for the Bastion and stay peaceful, and a citizen can expect to see this number (as well as their status and privileges as a citizen, including better housing options, a higher rate of universal basic income, access to better food, etc) increase over time. Commit crime or otherwise disturb the peace, and this number can plummet. Careful, however; let this number drop too far and a citizen could see themselves be recognized as an enemy of the state, opening themselves up to permanent in-character consequences, including permanent death or deportation. Wrap-Up, Sales & CTS Announcement When we started this project in July of 2019, we honestly didn't anticipate that this project's development would take this long... after all, we had originally planned to launch in October 2019! We know the wait has been long for many who have been anticipating this release, and we've kept you in the dark with our sporadic tests and public radio silence. Let's say we prefer keeping our noses to the grindstone. We have no intention of stopping until we achieve our goal, and we will continue beyond that point to make this server and community the absolute best it can be. Trust us when we say the path to completing this project has been an arduous one. The last thing we want to do is let down the folks who have been supporting and trusting us from the beginning to develop our concept from pipe dream to reality. Thanks to you, we have been able to achieve things we didn't think were possible in DayZ... and we wouldn't blame you for not believing us until you see it. So, when's the next Closed Testing Session? Mark your calendars: June 27th, 2020 If you're yet to sign-up to our Closed Test Sessions, you can do so HERE. New users will have to whitelist before applying. Expect a thread within our CTS forums with more information soon. Until then, considering subscribing to our mailing list by going to our forums and clicking “Sign Up”. Keeping our project going is an expensive endeavor. Our extremely talented developers need to be paid fairly, after all! Therefore, we're enacting a 50% sale on all Forum Privilege Packages that will last through the 4th of July. We'd like to thank you for joining us on this journey, and for your continued support and faith in the BastionRP project. We can say for certain that we are rapidly approaching something we can release and truly be proud of. Thanks for sticking around, and hopefully we'll see you on the 27th. Credits Cipher - writing, graphics, screenshots RoomService - Crafting mod marvolo - map creation, editing K-Jack - map creation Helkhiana - Repository reorganization, models & assets GlutenFreeVapes - Shock, Suppression, & Sway Inkota - models & assets KyHbKa - Questing system, Housing system Creep - models & assets Swade_93 - models & assets Chopper - models & assets Dmitri - Stun Smoke functionality Jordan - models & assets Donald - Asset retextures Buckeyes - Archives API
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    HYPE i cant wait to see the map progress.
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    NCC should have a space program prove me wrong
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    adding a desert to the map
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    Hello, some of you may know me.
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    Absolutely horrible that I missed CTS 05, Fucking hate working where I do. See you at CTS 06 I guess... ;-;
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    Hello, BastionRP! CTS 05 is far and away the most important test we've done yet. If it goes well, we can think about a much longer (likely week-long) test in the near future, followed by a 24/7 CTS server for folks to play on. All three of our "big three" functionalities - Crafting, Housing, and Questing have been finished and are ready for testing. It's taken us a long time to get here, but we think it'll be worth it. We need just a little more help from you, though - this one final short-form test where we can confirm that we're on the mark and move forward. Closed Testing Session 05 is on Saturday, June 27th, 2020! The test will commence at 5PM EST and end at 10PM EST. While we, of course, would love for you to stay for the full test, feel free to drop in and out as you please. As always, you must be whitelisted and accepted to the Closed Testing Sessions in order to participate in CTS 05. For more of what you can expect in CTS 05, please check out our SITREP. All you see here (and more) will be present in the test. How to Join In order to be eligible for CTS 03 (and future Closed Testing Sessions), you must complete the whitelist. After completing the whitelist, you will be granted access to complete the Closed Testing Sessions application. After both of these prerequisites are fulfilled, you will receive the correct forum and Discord tags and be granted access to the Closed Testing Sessions! Help Us - RSVP We want to get an accurate sense of just how many people will be participating in the test. Once you complete the CTS application and get access to the Discord, please help us out by letting us know in the Discord whether or not you plan on participating in the test. There should be a react-vote in the Closed Testing Announcements channel. Hope to see you guys there, - The BastionRP Team
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    You guys had best be careful before this turns into a DLC project for Day Z... Ya'll are kicking so much ass its unreal. This sounds epic as fuck.
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    Reasons I should be allowed to eat pasta in the Bastion: I'm generally cool. I like Pasta I'm 0.0000000000009% Italian I like Pasta Thanks for your consideration
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