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Closed Testing Session 05 | June 27th, 2020 | 5PM-10PM EST

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Hello, BastionRP!

CTS 05 is far and away the most important test we've done yet. If it goes well, we can think about a much longer (likely week-long) test in the near future, followed by a 24/7 CTS server for folks to play on. All three of our "big three" functionalities - Crafting, Housing, and Questing have been finished and are ready for testing.

It's taken us a long time to get here, but we think it'll be worth it. We need just a little more help from you, though - this one final short-form test where we can confirm that we're on the mark and move forward.

Closed Testing Session 05 is on Saturday, June 27th, 2020! The test will commence at 5PM EST and end at 10PM EST. While we, of course, would love for you to stay for the full test, feel free to drop in and out as you please.

As always, you must be whitelisted and accepted to the Closed Testing Sessions in order to participate in CTS 05.

For more of what you can expect in CTS 05, please check out our SITREP. All you see here (and more) will be present in the test.

How to Join

In order to be eligible for CTS 03 (and future Closed Testing Sessions), you must complete the whitelist. After completing the whitelist, you will be granted access to complete the Closed Testing Sessions application. After both of these prerequisites are fulfilled, you will receive the correct forum and Discord tags and be granted access to the Closed Testing Sessions!

Help Us - RSVP

We want to get an accurate sense of just how many people will be participating in the test. Once you complete the CTS application and get access to the Discord, please help us out by letting us know in the Discord  whether or not you plan on participating in the test. There should be a react-vote in the Closed Testing Announcements channel.


Hope to see you guys there,

- The BastionRP Team

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Can't wait to take over the city 


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