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Adjusted Premium Prices

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I would suggest to simply take another look at the prices of the premium packages and see if there's an possibility to change the prices as currently they seem a bit steep.

I understand that the server needs the income due to operating costs and other costs around the community. However, at least in my case I love to pimp my profile out with music. But the lowest price currently for one to be able to put music on their profile is 90$. More than most video games themselves costs. Perhaps it would be possible to add smaller features like music and larger file sizes as their own optional purchase option rather than having to buy the entire package.




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Hey Korha,

Thank you for the suggestion. You are right, this is a costly endeavor for us, especially as a side project, and not one that we intend to make a big profit off of. Developing a custom map, assets, and functionality takes extremely talented developers, whose expertise we pay for, on top of the development costs of the custom website functionality (such as character pages), and the recurring fees that we incur (server costs and subscriptions). We have spent over $2100 on this project since it's inception in early July of this year, and the steep costs of the Forum Privilege Packages are priced that way to offset that. I'm not telling you this to try and downplay your suggestion, I am just trying to provide some perspective on why we do what we do. 

However, I agree; I do think some specific perks, like profile music, have too much of an upfront cost. I also love to pimp out my profile, and if I were in your shoes, it would suck to have to spend that much money upfront, even if I did want to support the community. To help with that, I have two bits of news to share with you.

1) Subscription/Pay-as-you-go model - our admin @Jimmy has developed a subscription model to allow people to pay much smaller amounts on a monthly basis in order to gain the same perks one would get from a one-time purchase. It would not be an indefinite subscription model; after paying the amount equal to the one-time purchase, the subscription would automatically end and you would keep the benefits. This would allow people to quickly gain access to higher level premium options without having to pay the steep upfront cost. You should see this roll out within the next couple of weeks.

2) Restructuring of forum perks - these Privilege Packages, and the perks associated with each package, were developed in mid-July. Since then, we have added a lot of extra features and functionality, which requires us to take another look at what Privilege Packages contain what perks. For example, profile music will likely be moved down a level or two. You should also see these changes roll out within the next couple of weeks.

I hope I have provided you with some context, as well as with some hopeful news that you will be able to trick out your profile without paying an arm and a leg. :)

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I agree with your reply and appreciate the response. 

I personally agree with the first point you made about the  Subscription/Pay-as-you-go model and can't wait for that to roll out.


Thank you.

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