Scott Smithy

Metagaming appeal - Scott Smithy - 14/11/2020

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Link to the report/thread of punishment:

Why should our decision be overturned:

Rule  7.2 - Characters made and played by the same individual are forbidden to be:

  • Related by blood to one another;
  • Friends with one another in any capacity, or;
  • Aware of one another’s existence.

With that in mind. I am understanding that they don't magically know about the previous character, However if they learn it within RP then they have no reason to not know it. Now as the OP mentioned as Luke Connely,  I said "You got a lot of enemies now, you know that?" and "You stole that restaurant from the Chinese man" .  Which is true. Now Luke was a second Char of mine. Whilst out on his fishing duties and my general types of play he heard about the resturant from multiple people. it is still refrenced by people today that that shop was the "chinese shop" It until yesterday still presented on the door "Wok & Go Authentic chinese" Now, with that in mind it is clear to my char that the shop in my chars eyes was stolen. So when he saw the fisherman. He simply made a passing remark. It wasn't as if I had held him up and killed him. or as if I had beaten him for this, It was something that was clear throughout the bastion so when seeing him I made a passing remark and only a passing Remark.

After Luke was shot dead by the ISF, I logged in as Hu, Waking up I saw that I was in the shop I still thought I owned. I attempted access on the doors and waited, And waited and waited for him to come back, I had no idea if he was even still around at this time and prepared to wait to see whoever had "stole" the shop. I understand this can also be seen as unfair play, And I appericate that that was not taken into consideration. but essentialy I have gotten a 7 day Ban for making a passing remark about something which is common knowlege and something that is mentioned by lots of different people including ISF

Any evidence to support your claim (Photos/videos):

I have proof of people referencing the shop as the chinese shop, not to me directly and after the incident had taken place. This however proves that the shop is still spoken about as "the chinese shop"

What could have you done differently:

I could of not made the passing remark and I understand this. but I didn't at the time see it as a problem due to how I found out, I didin't take any physical revenge or action on this char.

What would you like to accomplish with this appeal:

I would like to have the ban overturned, Or atleast lowered.


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