Paddyman PK and ban appeal

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Link to the report/thread of punishment:  Video link -

Why should our decision be overturned: I have never come across a DayZ RP community like this one. The sheer amount of constant interaction I get on a constant basis makes me strive to be better on the server as a morally upright character. I realize now that my actions are not reflective of how one should act and going forward, I will recognize that my actions have consequences, and if I die, I die.

Any evidence to support your claim (Photos/videos): N/A

What could have you done differently: I should have simply tried to survive longer instead of jumping to my death. The only justification I had to this was that I was going to die very soon, so I may as well speed up the process. I understand now in hindsight that especially in a RP server, these actions do not belong here, and sincerely apologize for them.

What would you like to accomplish with this appeal: I would like to request that my character Dima Sambayev was not PK'd, and my ban be lifted after a shorter amount of time, if possible.

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Hello @Paddyman

In the video you are seen going outside to gear up, coming back with massive radiation, storing your gear, then promptly commiting  suicide. On this server we want you to value your life. Going outside without a gas mask, or doing anything goofy that involves needlessly risking your characters life is not what we want to see. This is your first offense, so we will remove the PK aspect of the ban, However the points and the duration of the ban will stay.

Appeal Accepted.

3 Warning points, 7 day ban  Character Status: Alive

Signed: @Tony Stark @Wong

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