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The only concern I have is one clumsy already pointed out which is it would punish people who are killed via glitch or rule-break. Simple way around this though would be for the death timer to be able to be reset by staff members. Get RDM'd? Come show us the video and get your timer reset, something like that could intentionally work with some tweaking and testing.



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15 hours ago, Tridon77 said:

I don't mind the 30 minute timer tbh. Adds consequence to people trying to be idiots. There has been far too much NVFL, this will make them care.

And would also end up punishing those who do value their lives that while just minding their own business get caught up in something random and killed.

I wouldn't want to sit around for 30min after something like that. To me, that would be pointless. I'd exit the game and go play something else.

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This is part of why we have multicharacter. Die with one character? Play on the other. If you die twice in 30 mins maybe reconsider your playstyle.

Also, from what Ive seen ingame people dont really behave as they would in real. If I am in the slums and a firefight breaks out, I am going to go as far away as possible. If I am alone and unarmed and see 3 guys looking at me in an alley way, I'm not going up to them and say "Hey guys", im turning away.

I've played plenty on the server and only died twice to rulebreaks. If you're dying so often this timer is an issue, you should reevaluate your approach to BastionRP

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