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Food Items and Cooking Mod

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I’d like to suggest some food items: Cucumbers, watermelon (if possible), Tea (Hot water + tea), milk (powdered milk + hot water). Also would it possible to have a fully in depth cooking mod: grilling, smoking, herbs and spices, etc (gotta have that chef rp). Another thing I’d like to add on to my suggestion is to combine spices and herbs into meat and vegetables that enhances food and thirst values, and On some items, could help with sickness or act as multivitamins In a way (like a natural remedy). What could also be added is a fully fuctional stove, fridge and grill. 

Some examples I'd like to give for crafting recipes are (If Possible):

Garlic + Chicken (Roasted or boiled) = Garlic Chicken 

Garlic + Pepper + Salt + Paprika = Spice Blend

Fire + Burning wood = Charcoal (which could be used to grill chicken, if such feature is possible)

These are just some examples of crafting recipes to just give you a better idea.


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Added Examples and 3 other things :D

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