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Lore Suggestion - Politics and Culture 2019-2027

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The lore is great. It touches down on basically everything you'd need to know, plus extra. 

One extra that I think is essential to touch down on is politics and culture. Most of the world, including the West, is undergoing a massive cultural "war" or "debate", manifested through the increased political division in most Western countries (especially in Europe and the United States) since just before the election of Trump. The outcome of this battle of ideas will determine what the future of the world looks like and thus it is important to consider when the date is so far in the future (2027 before nuclear destruction).  An easy way to go about it would be to decide what kind of politics /economic/cultural value becomes dominant and have that be the standard for countries we interact with. Instead, however, I purpose the following: 

The War of Ideas never ended. Tensions between "us" versus "them" increased over time. In the United States, right-wing militia-style groups continued to grow in increased frequency, some even reaching levels of notable competency  - left-wing politics continue to diversify, with more moving to the extreme. Both the Republican and Democrat parties do not exist as to how we understand them today. POTUS belonging to either side continues to grow the divide. The White Nationalism that saw a rise in the 2010s should have stagnated by then, especially if the President continues to be broadly right-wing. This would additionally make American-Russian relations much more viable, too. Political violence should be a monthly occurrence in most cities. Mass-shootings would probably continue in this climate, with political fringe attacks on their targeted demographics, as well as shootings due to mental problems. Widespread political issues should be healthcare, immigration and gun-control amongst others.  

In Europe, the European Union should have been increasing its involvement in its nation-states, leaving most of the extremely skeptical nations to leave the Union, resulting in some economic downturn. These countries should mostly be characterised by stricter immigration policy and a tendency for populism. Countries remaining in the European Union should mainly stay how they are now for a diversity of ideas that characters can take from. Countries that experience massive political divide now should have heightened this over time. Personally, I believe having France as a political hotbed is an interesting idea. Maybe the Yellow Vest protests escalate - I'm not sure. 

The conflict of Ukraine should have wrapped up in favour of Russia, with some kind of rump-state being formed in the Luhansk-Donbass region under Russian overlordship - similar to Georgia. This would primarily be due to NATO inaction in the Ukraine Conflict. Crimea would also remain Russian. Without this, I doubt that NATO-CSTO relations would've been strong enough for an alliance to properly form. 

The Syrian Civil War should have wrapped up much earlier then the events of 2027 and the outcome should not favour stability in the region. Regardless of whether this is ultra-realistic or not, it will allow more characters from that region to justifiably be in Europe before the events of 2027 either due to immigration or refugee status. The details are ultimately not that important, but some kind of split between Turkey, Syria, Rojava and whoever else would be interesting.  Turkey should have emerged as a regional power.

African conflicts continue as per usual, with immigration increasing to Europe. 

In China, the Hong-Kong protests die down after months of protest and extension of their liberty, which should dissipate at some point for total mainland control over that region. Political Hong-Kongers may mass exodus to whatever Western country will take them, likely Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and Europe. 

The Internet culture should continue to grow just as it has in real life, with its role in influencing politics and spreading ideas recognised on a geopolitical scale. It should also be a tool utilized by countries inclined to do so (US, RUS, CHI, UK) to influence public opinion.  

I'll add more to this later, but just my 2 cents on how we should handle the evolution of geopolitics and culture to work in a way that favours interesting writing as well as enabling characters to have reasonable in-character reasons to be around. 

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Nice theories mate.

I discussed the Ukranian conflict in my character backstory, so I thought I'd cut out and include the relevant points here, in case it helps anyone -


Between 2014 and 2018, Ukraine faced sporadic violence from Vladimir Putin's Russian forces, including the occupation of the Crimean peninsula, the boarding of vessels and the blocking of ports. Although there have been multiple violations under international law, the United Nations refuses to publish any official comment, in fear of a third world war between the European and Siberian powers.

The military harassment continued, and by 2020, Russia had effectively occupied 70-80% of Ukranian naval ports into the Black Sea, and Ukraine was well on its way to becoming a land-locked nation. Although a costly operation for both sides, complete domination over the country would boost the Russian economy much like it did for the Soviet Union. In addition, Putin's approval rating had risen to 80% after the success in dominating Ukrainian ports. During this time, Proshenko, hoped that the economic sanctions would faster cripple the economy of Russia, and appealed for aid from the countries to the west. However, with global tensions heightening, it seemed that other nations saw no rush to end this minor conflict to the East, when they were preparing their own nations for what could be the third world war - the war to end all wars.

The tables shifted in 2022, following the death of Chinese President Xi Jinping. It wasn't long before a new leader emerged: Zhao Desheng, a man known for his dreams of aggressive Chinese expansion, and of a great Chinese nation. Following this, over the next few years, Putin's attention turned to his borders in the south-east.


So, basically, I imagine that the Russian offensive would have continued, but due to the high costs incurred from an expanding military and increased US/EU sanctions, the conflict became further focused on the propaganda value rather than of the practical occupation of Ukranian land.

I don't have much to say on your other points,  but they seem decently thought out and probably quite accurate. Hope this helps.

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8 hours ago, Xavier said:


These are some great ideas, and a lot of this is definitely going to be touched on in the future. As you'll have read, the Official Lore is intended to be the foundation for everything else going on; in order keep it relatively short and approachable, "extra" information (e.g. any additional information which can be moved to secondary lore without affecting the main piece) is scant right now, but we'll be working hard in the coming weeks to flesh out the intricacies of this complex geopolitical situation.

Secondary lore shouldn't be required to read, but for people like you or me, the specifics of a lot of this situation is extremely important. For this, there will be hyperlinks in the main lore that take you to the specifics; eventually you'll be able to find out exactly when Zhao Desheng was born, how the European Union was involved throughout, what specifically happened in places like Ukraine or America, etc.

This is a lengthy process, but I have to stress that even though the main lore is "completed", there's still a lot we intend to write. Secondary lore pieces will also be linked from the world map, so eventually it'll look something like:


...where each red dot links to a different piece of lore. The full list of Bastions will also be making their way onto the world map, many of which will have lore written specifically for that Bastion that players can then incorporate into their lore. A lot of the things you've written here will find there way there, and it's likely that your post will become the basis for lore in regions we haven't decided on yet.

There will be ways to get involved in this process soon if you're looking to write. Writing a global collapse with nuclear bombs flying is a ton of lore, and we'll take any help we can get from passionate individuals whose writing is up to standard.

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