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  2. Col. Wongov smells like shit

  3. hows it going, I am new here and was just wondering how often does the rp happen or is it constantly active and how do i get to the server/s
  4. Hawk

    A New Adventure!

    Hello Everyone! Been playing DayZ for quite some time now, on both PS4 and PC. I spent years playing Vanilla and even longer with the mods. Between the 2 platforms I have roughly 8k hours of playtime. Recently I found myself not enjoying the game as I use too, I needed to find something new, a change of pace. For as long as I've played, the thought of RP such as the Bastion, never crossed my mind and it had me intrigued. Any pointers or tips are welcome, this'll be a new experience for me and I'm looking forward to it!
  5. XiruS


    Ay, names XiruS, my real name is [CLASSIFIED], I'm from the great land of Poland I loved RP probably since I was 11 or something. Aaand, I think I've decided to join this server in the worst time, seeing how They fuckin closed it down Well, I hope they'll open it soon
  6. Server isn't open right now.
  7. Markus Meningitis


    I don't want to seem impatient but I was just wondering when abouts would I get the email cos I keep excitedly checking my phone thank you. Also my name is harry but my in game name is markus if I get accepted, me and howard hemmerage are friends IRL and we love dayz. Im not sure what else to say other than I am super cool and love acting and rp
  8. Derp

    How long?

    Take a look at this if you don't mind. @WilfredSickle
  9. WilfredSickle

    How long?

    I just turned in my answer form to get access to the servers, how long does that take to get back to me to find out if I can play or not?
  10. Vice


    I remember when this was just a wet dream between three guys and the XCAM mod for Arma 3... Much love to the original creators. You took this to the next level.

    1. Peaches


      yooo what song is this

    2. Vice


      Three Bedrooms in a Good Neighborhood

  11. Gator



  12. Shortround

    Im new and have a of couple questions

    The website was put up just to test functions that are connected to our DayZ mods. We're not actively checking the website for anything other than how our mods are working in conjunction to the website. (Character system, etc.)
  13. Neo

    Im new and have a of couple questions

    The server is currently not open, I dont know why they keep accepting whitelists rn, but you're basically fucked. They've announced a renewed development about a month ago, though. If you're that interested id join the discord and wait for further notice.
  14. Breebs

    Im new and have a of couple questions

    So I filled out an application about 3 hours ago, just wondering how long it takes to get feedback if Im in or not. Also, is this a seperate client? or do I use thhe DZ launcher? Never played anything like this before so I dont know what to expect.
  15. Neo

    Elections for Mayor/Commisioner

    Have elections say, once per month between the A class citizens of the bastion for an elected position of power, only C or above class citizens should be able to vote, though. Make it a propaganda piece, merely a puppet leader with no sway, let the ISF govern from the shadows. It would add more RP ingame when the server comes back. the server is coming back, right?
  16. Tone

    Escaping the Bastion - my adventure with BastionRP
  17. Kovac had a rough childhood, growing up without his Mother, Kovac's Father struggled to make ends meet every week. Kovac knew he had to do something to help.. Kovac decided to leave school & start selling drugs to support his habit, Kovac's Father wasn't pleased with his decision, but regardless, he would support him. A few years pass by & Kovac had become addicted to drugs & alcohol, his health starts to deteriorate & he starts losing friends & family, before the bombs had hit, Kovac realizes the hurt & pain he had caused for himself & the others around him, "smash
  18. T.C Billy

    SITREP 014 | 11/18/2020 | Time

    took me 2 hours making an application to read this, and can someone tell me when o7 is???
  19. Whistleblower



    New and Improved Whistleblower: The Loser of BRP

  20. Echo

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  21. Billy


    oh shit

  22. Law

    Milk based items/roleplay potential with new ISF gear?

    the milkman cometh
  23. Abu_Muhammad

    Milk based items/roleplay potential with new ISF gear?

    the n word Foghorn Sound Effect.mp3
  24. Milkman420

    Milk based items/roleplay potential with new ISF gear?

    Hello, i am known as MM420 or shortly known as MILKMAN420. I am a prominent developer of all MILK ASSests within BASTIONRP. I would like to encourage the use of my dairy based items in the average roleplay experience. The ISF took my gear earlier amd would like to report them for FAILRP. @Cipher please make more milk
  25. Diggy

    Music Thread

  26. Wong



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