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    hi this is flume

  3. We really need to fix this one, huh. Compensation Request Approved Message me via Discord when you're in-game so that I can fulfil this request.
  4. z0nix

    A filter glitching out.

    Thank you very much.
  5. marvolo

    Sheet Metal

    @PeteGGare you sure the item didn't go into the Teddy Bear's inventory?
  6. rajjip

    Metal + Wood Scrap

    Discord Name: rajjip Location: Pub opposite bus station Time and date of the event: 18:10 GMT Evidence: Metal Wood Details of what was lost and what happened: So I was crafting stuff, and both times it munched all the materials around/inside of the workbench. Both videos show this occuring within a short time frame.
  7. marvolo

    A filter glitching out.

    Interesting. I'm not entirely sure what happened here, but I'll see if we can replicate and patch this bug for the future. Compensation Request Approved Please contact me via Discord when you're on the server so that I can fulfil this request.
  8. I used to be a HVAC who had been on multiple construction sites so building comes natural to me. I've hunted all my life and I'm good at killing. I was captured by an NCC patrol and brought to this bastion where I need to learn the ropes of how things work here.
  9. marvolo

    Disapearing item

    Ah, this makes more sense now. I forgot about this bug. Thanks for the reminder @Preacher XIX! Compensation Request Approved (for 42 scrap metal) Please contact me via Discord when you're on the server so that I can fulfil this request.
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  11. Sm0keyBear

    BadRP - East side slums

    Sorry I just realised I'm talking like I'm in game trying not to reveal too much information. In more detail Neo is to my character the 1st guy who sold him all the equipment needed to survive outside the wall and for a very good price he also explained how to use it properly. He is the guy who told him a lot of inside workings of the slums. He is the main guy my character goes to buy contraband from but he is also person that he goes to when he has to buy from others to confirm that he gets a good price. He also rents space in the factory inside the slums from Neo. At the time of the inciden
  12. Peaches

    Spanners - Character Roulette

    Hit me
  13. Sm0keyBear

    BadRP - East side slums

    My character done few business deals with him and we had few conversations. I also was participating in conversations Neo was taking part in on few ocasions. Actually, I was going back to my place after one of those conversations that we were both part of when the incident happened, that's why I was near Neo's place as it is on the way to my place. I know him more as a business associate of my old bosses Bangkok Stallion and John "Big Boss" Johnson.
  14. Borat


  15. Cipher

    Increase Respawn Timer

    The timer has been raised to fifteen minutes as of a few days ago. How has this change affected your playstyle and enjoyment (if at all)?
  16. Monkey Spanners

    Spanners - Character Roulette

    Character Roulette Right simple premise here boys, here's a list of the wackiest characters. Give us a message and I'll give you a random character, you've gotta play this character until they're dead or your goal's complete. Be warned some of these characters will take a long time to complete. Rules are as follows: 1) Every character is a Permadeath char. Any cause of death (Minus clear bugs) is a death. No second chances. 2) You have a set of goals to accomplish before you can call it a day with your character. These goals are also rules for that character to stick to
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    1. Driver


      Chicken leg

  19. yourfriendmad15

    Metagaming information from death

    ok toxic was asking me to post my pov because i saw the hole thing when i loged on i zandwalf and 5 other people come up to me and asked wher is toxic so me confused tells toxic in discord thier are 5 people with zandwalf and he says is it isf and i say no so he goes to the bar and stays in there untill it blows over then zandwalf and the 5 other guys and they says hey can we talk to you when isf comes by to tell them to leave so they go to the back which is an alyway to go talk to toxic and they start saying hey come out her we want to talk we want to talk so i grab a shovel because i ha
  20. Kaben


  21. Kestrel


    Warm welcome to the server man, enjoy your stay!
  22. Tony Stark


    fdgjlkjkld!!! Welcome!
  23. Tony Stark

    BadRP - East side slums

    @Sm0keyBear thanks for providing a clear point of view. How long were you running with Neo prior to this video? Were you guys pretty established as allies at the time of the OPs death?
  24. Hi all. I know Neo only IC, we done business once or twice and had or been part of same conversation with others on few occasions. Feesh I know IC and OOC. Our characters past on Bastion is connected by running in the same crew roughly 10 years earlier. I don’t know OP IC nor OOC, at least I didn’t recognise his voice. POV: I was near Neo house when we heard someone loudly questioning my friend. We both immediately started running in that direction. When we arrived I didn’t say anything as I heard Feesh still trying to reason with this guy. The moment guns came out I tried to def
  25. Jimmy

    Metagaming information from death

    My POV is pretty much identical to what Undead had posted in the spoiler below As soon as the ISF came in and handled James, I walked out of the bar and stood outside right against the door. I overheard everything Undead and Whip were talking about inside the hallway, but took no part in the discussion. When the stabbing commenced I walked across the street and watched Undead chase the man back inside the bar where he was beaten to death. I acted ignorant to the situation and was not questioned by ISF. Last night I was stopped by some ISF troopers, and James came up and began as
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