• Reminder that all characters must have a backstory that meshes with our lore and explains how you ended up in Korolgrad. We are introducing a minimum word requirement of 150 words in the backstory. "WIP" in lieu of a backstory is not acceptable (set your characters to private if they are WIP!)

Joramir Medvedev
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Status
  3. Mental
  4. Morale
  5. Date of birth
    1995-07-12 (45 years old)
  6. Place of birth
    Volgograd, Russia
  7. Gender
  8. Class
  9. Place of Issue
    ZONE 03
  10. Date of Issue
  11. Nationality
  12. Ethnicity
  13. Languages
    Russian, Ukrainian, English
  14. Relationship
    Alina Medvedev
  15. Family
  16. Religion
    Russian Orthodox


  1. Height
    194 cm
  2. Weight
    102 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Features
    Clean Shaven, Warm Smile
  8. Equipment
    ISF Patrol Uniform / CSP-9 / CSR-556 / CSES Stun baton / ISF Medals/ Russian Orthodox Chain / A Red Beret / A Green Balaclava / Family Picture / Old Russian Armed Forces Medals / Black Tshirt / Jeans / Baseball cap / Timberland boots
  9. Occupation
    Internal Security Force
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role
    Lieutenant of Patrol


Joramir was born in Volgograd Russia. Growing up was a bit difficult as his father was very strict due to his background within the Russian Armed Forces. His mother on the other hand was gentle and worked as a nurse in St. Petersburg. Jormair's father often pushed him to be just like him. forcing him to do military drills ever since he was a boy. When Joramir was 13, his father was sent into Crimea along with many other nameless soldiers under direct orders from the Kremlin..he never returned. Joramir, who despised his father for being such a hardass, but slowly began to understand why. The way of the soldier, especially under the Red Star was not easy. Jormair joined the Russian Armed Forces at 18 striving to be the best.

After years of training he graduated top of his class. After Joramir was given his rifle and his uniform he returned home to visit his mother. When he arrived, she cried. "The Apple does not fall far from the tree".. As Joramir was a spitting image of his father. Eventually after a couple years of service, Joramir met the love of his life Alina. They happily married, and even had two children of there own. Viktor, named after his father, and Nadia, named after Alina's grandmother. Joramir often pushed his son to be something he wasn't. Breaking his childhood promise of not becoming his father, but it appears his mother was right. Being apart of the military was not an easy job, and it often changed even the most caring of men. As the years went by, the relations between Russia and the United States grew worse, far worse then in the past. Eventually after many proxy wars between the two, Moscow decided enough was enough. The Bombs began to drop in all major cities across the globe, sending all major super powers into ruin. Being high rank, Joramir was able to obtain Intel on Moscow's plan and attempted to move his family as far away from the blast zones.

Traveling was not easy. Many of the survivors of this nuclear apocalypse were savages. Killing on sight for food and water. There was only so much Joramir's training could of provided. Eventually, in the dead of night, his family was ambushed by a group of individuals who seemed to be infected by the radiation. Joramir attempted to shield his wife and children with his weapon, but was quickly overwhelmed. Joramir was the only one who remained. He sat next to his wife and kids for three nights hoping there eyes would open again before he realized the truth. Wiping away his tears, he grabbed his equipment and began marching back. After a couple weeks travel, he arrived to a large set of walls somewhere outside the city of Korolgrad. A complete quarantined zone which protected its citizens from the infected in the surrounding areas. Joramir presented his military ID, in hopes it would gain him entry to the sanctuary. A group of men, flagging a symbol with a sort of familiarity sent him to a military barracks in the far end of the city for inspection. After a couple of days of physical and mental conditioning, they returned his weapon and provided him a new uniform. Requesting that if he wished to stay within the safety of Bastion, he would have to use his talents to protect the city from what lay beyond the walls.

Years of patrolling and keeping Korolgrad safe, Joramir rose up the ranks within the ISF. Eventually he was promoted to Lieutenant and chief of patrol. Joramir oversees the day to day patrol units and reports only ISF Command staff. 

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