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Real roleplay. No compromises.

Welcome to Korolgrad - a quarantine zone policed by an oppressive government. Resources are scarce and hope is scarcer. Find your own way to survive and thrive, whether it's by living by the rules of the system or by finding ways to break out of it. Become a shopkeeper, or a smuggler. A watchdog, or a rebel. Own property, craft goods, escape the city; the choice is yours at BastionRP.

You won't find a more serious RP experience in DayZ.

A New Way To Play

Become a resident of a post-apocalyptic city at BastionRP, where the traditional rules of DayZ roleplay no longer exist. Find your own way to survive and thrive under the watchful eye of your enforcers while enjoying a new map, a wealth of custom content and functionality, a unique roleplay-first ruleset, and lore unlike you've ever seen before. BastionRP is truly DayZ's first Total Conversion Roleplaying Experience.

Tailor-Made Map

Welcome to Korolgrad, a 100km2 map featuring snow-capped mountains, flooded and overgrown city streets, a fully custom underground, and the largest urban environment in DayZ standalone. It's been tailor-made for BastionRP by a professional environment artist with shipped titles, and it's now your new home.

Homegrown Content

BastionRP's development team has been hard at work creating a vast array of map objects, weapons, clothing, functionality, and other assets for use in our community as well the greater DayZ community. All DayZ players, BastionRP members or not, can benefit from our creations.