Looking for the most immersive DayZ roleplaying experience? Look no further.

This Is Your Stop

Step into Korolgrad, one of the last Bastions of civilization in a world ravaged by war and infection. Live under the watchful eye of a totalitarian, militarized state. Find a way to survive and thrive inside the walls. Or, if you’ve got the heart, find your way outside the walls and see the hell that lies beyond.

The choice is yours. Make it wisely.

What Is BastionRP?

We’re a roleplaying community creating a total conversion mod for DayZ. For over a year, we’ve been hard at work developing something to address the stagnant state of roleplay on DayZ. Something purpose-built for our vision of what this genre could and should strive for. Now, finally, we’re ready to present it to the world. A new map, built from the ground up for RP. Tens of thousands of lines of code and gigabytes of custom assets to completely transform the DayZ gameplay loop to put immersion and RP at the front and center of every second spent on our servers.

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Find Your Footing

Those who join the community create characters that are citizens of a totalitarian state we call the NCC. Everyone starts out inside of the city of Korolgrad, one of the NCC’s quarantine zones, and one of the last places in the world where the rule of law still exists. No one leaves. Inside, there are a variety of activites to get up to in order to progress one’s standing - either financially or politically. NCC-sponsored workshifts. Crafting. Quests. Scavenging the outer rim of the Bastion for supplies. Eventually, citizens can make enough credits to buy themselves housing, allowing them a place to store their essentials.

Find Your Niche

For many, just surviving might be enough. But, for those looking to make a mark on the history of the Bastion, they might find themselves creating shops, crafting and smuggling illegal goods, or rebelling against the NCC. For those still not satsfied, there lies a large swath of open terrain outside the walls. Reclaimed by nature, teeming with infected, and extremely dangerous, this path should only be taken when one is absolutely prepared to brave the outside - and accept the consequences. For those willing to venture out, a chance to strike it rich reveals itself - the best gear, supplies, and crafting materials exist only outside the walls.

Roleplay-First Ruleset

Our rules have been carefully refined and whittled down to allow for easy comprehension and fewer barriers to excellent, organic roleplay.

All-New Custom Map

The largest single metropolitian area in DayZ to date will become the backdrop for all manner of excellent stories to emerge, while 100 square kilometers of harsh, mountainous terrain and overgrown points of interest await those who dare venture outside the safety of the walls.

True Total Conversion

We’ve spent a year in development working on a swath of custom functionality and assets to help support our vision, including an enhanced and fleshed-out crafting mod, a fully-featured player housing system, a CCTV surveillance mod, dozens of custom weapons and roleplay items, and much more that we don’t have space to cover here.

Korolgrad Awaits

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